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Looking to buy couch covers? Not sure how to choose one? Here are a few tips to help you! Ready to learn more? Then this is the place!

Everything you need to know about our new collection of sofa covers

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In our online store, you'll be able to find the perfect couch cover to suit your needs and expectations. Whether you have a classic sofa or a sectional sofa, you'll be able to choose from a range of covers. Here's an overview of what you'll find in our online store:

Plain colors: many people don't necessarily like to choose slipcovers that are too brightly colored. Sometimes, a simple solid color can do the trick. Of course, you'll need to choose the color to match your living room decor and ambience. Don't hesitate to think of all the decorative elements that may be close to your sofa. These can be a good indicator to take into account when choosing the perfect color.

If you fancy a sofa cover with patterns or different colors, it's possible. And this has its charm, since you can really capitalize on the different aspects of your couch cover. If you have an element with patterns or different colors, it will allow you to have a living room that's really alive. And that can only be good for you.

Whatever type of sofa you have, you should know that we offer different protective covers. You can find a cover for a convertible sofa, but also for a corner sofa, for example.

You should also know that we offer different textures. So if you're looking for a Jacquard or waterproof cover, you'll certainly find it in our online store. Don't hesitate to take a look, so you can easily find what you're looking for!

Last but not least, our cover collection is quite interesting, with something for every taste. All that's left for you to do is make your choice according to your tastes, your desires and your living room decor. Practical and efficient, don't you think?

How to choose the right stretch couch covers?

Would you like to opt for an stretch couch cover? Not sure how to go about choosing one? Don't panic, we'll explain the different criteria to take into account so that you can easily make this choice:

Think design. Like any other decorative element, you can easily choose a color or pattern that's just right for you. It should also be in perfect harmony with the rest of your decor, which is no mean feat. In fact, this is certainly the first element you'll choose for your stretch sofa cover.

You also need to think about the material you're going to choose and how you're going to maintain it. Let's face it, some materials are easier to clean than others. If you have pets or small children, we advise you to opt for a material that's not too complicated to clean.

You also need to consider the dimensions of your couch. Some adjustable covers will certainly be better crafted than others. It's important to pay attention to these small details. Although their flexibility gives you a margin of error, don't hesitate to refer to our size guide available on every product.

As you can see, it's perfectly possible to choose your sofa cover simply and effectively. The few criteria given above should certainly help you make a clearer choice. It should also be noted that you need to protect your sofa as much as possible, if you don't want to damage it.

A selection of stretch sofa covers to suit your interior

Have you finally decided to treat yourself to a stretch sofa cover? But you can't quite find what you're looking for? Let us show you the different models we have in our online store. Perhaps one of them will appeal to you more than the others:

If you fancy a plain-colored stretch cover, that's possible. You can opt for white, blue, grey, yellow and much more. Feel free to take a look at the latter directly on our site: there are plenty of colors to suit your needs, but also your expectations. Note also that materials may differ from one color to another. If you prefer a nubuck sofa cover, for example, that's possible.

If you want to add a little originality to your interior, that's also an option. In our online store, you can easily find models with different patterns. Whether geometric shapes or elements such as flowers, there's something for everyone, which is good news.

You'll also find slipcovers that fit both sectional sofas and classic sofas - we have the following:

-2-seater couch cover
-3-seater couch cover
-4-seater couch cover
-L and U-shaped sectional couch cover

This will simply allow you to dress up any couch you may have, which is rather a positive thing. Of course, a mix of different colors or patterns will do just fine.

It's perfectly possible to find more or less colorful elements. So there's something for every taste, and we're sure you'll be able to find what you're looking for among the different slipcovers we have to offer. All you have to do is make your choice. Rather practical, don't you think?

The best sectional couch covers on the market

Do you have a sectional sofa and need to protect it? We know how important this can be for many people. You've come to the right place. We're going to tell you more about our collection of sectional couch covers.

If you like solid colors, you'll find a wide choice of colors for your slipcover. Some are duller than others. If you feel like spicing up your living room, aniseed green is a very fashionable color at the moment. Nevertheless, it's really important to choose a color that perfectly matches your interior design. Then all you have to do is make your choice.

Fancy a bit of pattern and color for your cover? We offer a whole range of products with different patterns and colors. So you can really choose a corner sofa cover that will match your needs and desires. As with solid colors, don't hesitate to match the different patterns or colors to your living room decor.

If you don't really want to opt for a slipcover, you can simply choose a couch protector. These are simpler, but still give your sofa a certain style, which is not to be underestimated.

It's also worth noting that you can easily choose a material that perfectly matches your needs and expectations. If you like the velvet effect, we offer a wide range of velvet covers. But you can also opt for something less messy.

You can dress your sectional sofa just the way you like it. In fact, we offer a wide selection to suit every customer's taste. Which slipcover are you looking for?

Durable and comfortable futon covers

Do you have a sofa bed? While it's great for entertaining, it's important to remember that it will need protecting when not in use. With our collection of futon covers, you can protect your sofa from dirt and splashes.

You can easily opt for a patterned futon cover. This type of sofa is often smaller, and it's perfectly possible to opt for something a little more original. Of course, you'll still need to choose patterns that really appeal to you. But with the choice we have, you'll easily find the cover that suits you!

If you fancy plain colors, that's also possible. In fact, just because futon are more likely to have patterns, doesn't mean you can't choose something plain. What's more, it's certainly the easiest to install in a room where the decoration has already been in place for some time.

With our futon covers, you can easily find what suits you. If you have any questions about our covers, simply contact us.

A collection of modern, waterproof couch protectors

Protecting a sofa is essential. When you have children or pets, a couch protector can be just the thing. It simply prevents damage to your couch. So, if you're looking for a fabric that can simply protect your sofa, we can offer you one of our couch protectors. These don't slip on like a slipcover: they simply lay over the couch you don't want to damage. In any color, with or without pattern, you'll easily find what you're looking for in our online store.

How to choose a sofa cover?

Do you want to buy a sofa cover, but don't know how to choose one? Here are a few criteria to consider when making your choice:

The measurements of your sofa. When buying a slipcover, you need to know how big your sofa is. This will enable you to find a product that fits your sofa perfectly.

The design of the slipcover: to create an interior that suits you, we offer a wide collection of unique designs to match every style, whether you prefer retro, vintage or modern, you'll find the style that suits you.

How can I protect my sofa from animals?

Protecting your sofa couldn't be easier: you can opt for a sofa cover or simply a couch covers for dogs. Don't forget to take into account whether you have children or pets. Your slipcover or sofa protector can get dirty more easily. If you opt for several covers, you'll be able to roll them more regularly.

In conclusion, it's perfectly possible to protect your sofa in one way or another, depending on what you need. In any case, we hope you'll find what you're looking for in our online store, as we offer a wide selection!