About Us

Have you ever noticed an old sofa on the side of the road as you drove by?

Advertisements often tell us "buy a new sofa", "your old sofa is good for recycling", "give your sofa to the dog, that stained sofa", "throw away that old sofa".

We wanted to change that. That's why she created Comfy Covers!

Comfy Covers is the very first couch cover company that is pro-environment.

This pro-environment philosophy goes against every other "furniture company" message you'll ever hear. And it impacts everything we do.

It means we celebrate the environment every day - and all the beautiful, stimulating and joyful things we experience in our homes. It means we believe that all furniture can be beautiful without being replaced - and without producing more waste.

It also means that we only create simple, eco-friendly slipcovers for your home that bring beauty and new life to every room.

All the products you'll see in our Comfy Covers online store are designed to make your furniture look great with a minimal carbon footprint. Comfortable. Cheerful. And above all, enhance your living space no matter how old your furniture is.

Comfy Covers was created with the vision of bringing beautiful and unique sofa covers to the market, which will not only save you the money you would otherwise have to spend on a new sofa, but also protect your sofa, and transform your living room into a comfortable and cosy place.

We work with individual designers to bring something different and give you a great experience with a service you expect.

Here at Comfy Covers, we believe in quality and exceptional customer service. We strive to provide the best products at the most affordable prices, and aim to ship them to you wherever you are in the world.

Thank you for visiting us - we hope you enjoy your shopping experience and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us and one of our chat team members will do their best to help!

- The Comfy Covers team