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Wingback Chair Covers Selection: Unveil Our Curated Assortment for Ultimate Style!

Do you have a wingback chair that you want to keep clean and beautiful? A wingback chair cover could be the solution. The cover will envelop your piece of furniture, keeping its original fabric impervious to dust, children's greasy hands and even muddy pet paws. It can also rejuvenate a tired wingback or one whose seams are starting to show. You can also opt for a slipcover if you're simply fed up with its current appearance and want to change your view a little.

As well as being practical, our covers let you change the look of your chairs as you please. When you choose our covers, you're choosing more than just protection, you're choosing style! Our collection contains hundreds of models in a variety of patterns, colors and fabrics, so that everyone can get a cover to suit their taste. So every household can be sure of finding an item to suit its interior decoration without worry. Our slipcovers are snug-fitting, tailor-made to fit all models ofwingback chair currently on the market. They're easy to install on your furniture, taking no more than 2 minutes. They can be removed in less time than that for washing, and can be sent straight to the washing machine. Last but not least, they're not expensive at all, making them a practical investment to renew your interior without breaking the bank.

Give your wingback chair a second life

Wingback Chair Covers | Comfy Covers

Are you tired of the way your armchair looks? Would you like to leave it at a garage sale or store it in the garage? Before you do, give it a second chance with an old wingback cover. As we mentioned earlier, a slipcover is a practical and economical option for transforming your interior. Instead of buying a new piece of furniture that will cost you over 100$, you can invest in a slipcover that will do the job just as well. Our slipcovers are available in a wide range of modern, chic, elegant and timeless colors and patterns, to suit all tastes. Whatever your current living room decor, or the style you'd like to create, you can find a slipcover model to match in our catalog.

All you have to do is cover your old wingback with a new slipcover to bring it back to life. No more protruding seams, no more wine stains that refuse to wash out - your chair will look as good as new in its new clothes. What's more, you don't have to worry about getting a large cover that won't fit. Our armchair covers come in standard sizes to match the dimensions of armchairs currently available on the market. They also fasten behind the back of the furniture with an elastic band, and adjustment pads are available to fit the cover snugly. So nobody will notice that it's a cover and not a new chair.

Stretch covers for wingback chairs

As mentioned above, our covers come in a wide range of sizes to suit every model of armchair you can find on the market. What's more, they're stretchable wingback covers that will fit a slightly larger chair. In fact, some fabrics are elastic. They can also be attached at the back for a better fit, in addition to the foams that can be installed between the cushions. Their length should not extend beyond the furniture, so as not to age it further. A size guide is available on every model you find, so you can choose a model that fits your chair perfectly. We also advise you to measure your furniture carefully to avoid any inconvenience.

What's more, our products are one-piece models. You don't have to attach several pieces of fabric to different parts of the chair. A single cover is enough to cover the whole chair. They install easily on furniture. The cover can be installed and removed in a matter of seconds. So you won't have any problems there either, and one person can do the job!

Wingback chair slipcovers compatible with all major brands

We want all our customers to be satisfied and to find covers for all their furniture. That's why you'll find wingback chair slipcovers in our catalog that are compatible with all the major brands, including Ikea and Walmart. What's more, you'll find different patterns and colors to suit every style. Whether you want to adapt a chic, elegant look to your living room, or a more contemporary style, you can find items to match.

Our covers combine practicality, style and comfort. They are designed to fit all cane chairs on the market. We also offer covers for sofas, cushions, chairs and other types of armchair, such as barrel chairs. So you don't have to worry about having mismatched furniture, because you can get a cover with the same pattern for your different pieces of furniture. All you have to do is browse our collection for the model that meets your criteria in terms of fabric, color and print.

How do I choose a wingback chair cover?

To make the decision to choose the best product, you need to think it through. Likewise, when buying a wingback chair cover, the main reason to think about it is to identify its qualitative aspects. What's more, an elegant, chic cover is the icing on the cake and the added grace of your furniture. To help you make the best selection, this buying guide will help you get the best value for your money.

Choice of material

Wingback chair covers come in a variety of materials, including linen, cotton, wool, velvet, polyester and elastane. Each material has its own unique value and specifications. However, for ultimate durability and strength, cotton covers are the best choice for your furniture. What's more, they have an elegant look that enhances their appearance. They are highly effective at concealing stains and dirt on furniture, while offering excellent waterproof protection. Similarly, thin materials such as elastane meet your styling needs, but are comparatively less protective than cotton.

Choosing the right size

The next thing you need to consider when buying 2 piece wingback chair covers is size. You need to check whether the covers fit the furniture perfectly or not, and whether they are easily adjustable for size. To get the best piece satisfying this criterion, you need to be sure of the actual size of your armchairs, then you need to see whether the cover fits perfectly or not. Our slipcover models are available in a variety of sizes, so it's easy to choose the one that fits best.

Color variations

Covers are available in a wide range of complementary shades and colors. The perfect combination is the one that will blend in with your home decor. Color durability is also a point of attention. So make sure the colors you buy are durable and don't fade after washing. Don't choose very light colors either, as they get dirty very quickly compared to dark colors.

How to cover a wingback chair?

First step

The first step to effectively installing a cover on your armchair is to clear the furniture of anything that might be on it, such as pillows, blankets, pet items or anything else that might be temporarily placed on it.

Step two

Once you've cleared your chair, you can place the cover over it to prepare it for installation. Start at the front of the chair and work backwards. Once this operation is complete, gently pull the arms of the cover over the arms of the chair. Inspect the furniture and make sure it is fully covered by the cover. If it isn't, gently pull the cover to adjust it to the uncovered areas.

Step three

When you first put your cover on, it may seem too big for your chair, but don't worry, this is normal. Simply tuck the excess fabric into the arms and the spaces between the cushions to help the cover conform to the natural shape of your chair. If this proves difficult with your bare hands, try a kitchen utensil such as a wooden spatula. You can now replace the cushions and other items you removed in step 1.

How to protect your wingback chair from pet stains and smells?

To protect your wingback chair from pet stains and odors, you can cover it with a slipcover. This may remind you of the plastic covers your grandmother used to make, but now there are many modern options.

Choose pet-friendly, easy-to-wash materials 

The two most popular choices for pet-friendly furniture materials are leather and microfiber. Leather is a popular choice because it's easy to clean, and microfiber is popular because of its durability.