Arista Khaki Throw Blanket

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Throw Blanket Arista - Reversible Comfort in Chenille

The Throw Blanket Arista offers a duality of style and comfort with its reversible design in chenille. The elegant patterns and the khaki and white colors make it a perfect choice for those looking to add a touch of refinement to their living room.

Versatility and Style with Khaki and White Reversible

This throw blanket is not just functional; it's also extremely stylish. The khaki side adds a touch of nature and warmth, while the white offers clarity and brightness that can illuminate any space. Reversible, it adapts to the mood and style of the room at any time.

Tactile Elegance and Durable Protection

Made of high-quality chenille, the Throw Blanket is soft to the touch while being sturdy enough to protect your furniture from daily wear and tear. Ideal for families with children or pets, it provides a layer of protection that doesn't compromise on style or comfort.

Simplified Décor Change

With the Throw Blanket Arista, changing the look of your living room is a breeze. Whether you want to refresh the space for a specific season or simply add a new texture to your décor, this throw blanket is a practical solution that can instantly transform your environment.



    • Do not soak the throw blanket for too long.
    • Machine wash at a water temperature below 86°F / 30°C, or hand wash, do not bleach!


    • After cleaning, the throw blanket can be dried in a well-ventilated area outdoors.
    • Avoid drying outdoors, as this may alter colors or cause yellowing.
    • The throw blanket may have some lint, which is a normal phenomenon due to the manufacturing process.


    Made from 65% cotton and 34% polyester.

    Available Sizes:

    • 180x130cm / 70x51" (suitable for a 1-seater sofa or armchair)
    • 180x150cm / 70x59" (suitable for a 2-seater sofa)
    • 180x180cm / 70x70" (suitable for a 2-seater sofa)
    • 180x230cm / 70x90" (suitable for a 3-seater sofa)
    • 180x260cm / 70x102" (suitable for a 4-seater sofa)
    • 180x300cm / 70x118" (suitable for a 4-seater sofa)

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