Throw Blanket Selection: Uncover Our Curated Collection for Your Home!

Do you want to give your grandmother's old sofa a makeover, or simply change your style? Simply adopt a decorative fabric to magnify your furniture and give it a youthful touch. Discover must-have linens for a relaxing corner in our throw blanket collection. Like sofa covers and cushions, these accessories protect and enhance your sofa, making it even more comfortable.

The throw blanket is a kind of warm, thick blanket, to be placed on the back or armrest of the sofa to accompany you during a TV evening or a pleasant reading session in colder seasons. Its primary role is to warm and decorate. The larger throw is the ideal year-round companion for the sofa. Indispensable and timeless, these ornamental fabrics are generally made from cotton, wool, fleece, mohair or tuft, all of which are easy to care for. What's more, they're mobile.

Add to this the diversity of colors, patterns and finishes. Remember to match your choice to the ambience of your interior. Our product range features high-quality materials at a reasonable price. It's perfect for renewing an old piece of furniture, protecting a model you've just bought or simply changing your decor. Vintage, Scandinavian or modern, plain, fringed, checked... there's something for every taste and size. If you'd like to find out more, visit our article on throw blanket.

Why adopt a throw blanket?

Throw Blanket | Comfy Covers

No matter what type of sofa you have, throw blanket can be used to create a new look without having to remove the cover. These textiles are also a great ally when it comes to adding an original decorative touch to the living room. Their function seems to be quite extensive.

Trendy and very soft, the throw blanket is used to embellish, protect and cover a classic sofa, a sectional sofa, futon, while adding extra comfort. It's also a great way to keep warm and snug during movie night. It's an invaluable aid, if only for snuggling up by the fire after a long day's work in winter. There's nothing nicer than cocooning yourself in the soft warmth and comfort of your armchair, once you get home in the evening when the weather starts to get chilly.

The same goes for the throw blanket. This is a larger piece of fabric, used to accessorize the sofa or protect it from dirt, pet claws and hair, or other hazards of life that might alter its beauty. Sometimes the situation can be difficult or even restrictive with children or pets, although today there are many techniques for maintaining and cleaning furniture. It's easier with these movable coverings.

Throws blanket stand out for their warmth and practicality. Both are a cost-effective decorative piece for your living room.

Whatever the size, find the right throw blanket for you

Throw Blanket | Comfy Covers

The sofa throw is a practical and versatile household linen. Choosing the right model is essential if you want to enjoy its benefits. This process depends first and foremost on its main use. You need to choose the model that suits your needs, whether as a protective element or a decorative piece.

If the aim is to renovate the look of your sofa or to enhance your interior, it's best to take into account the colors, patterns, style and type of material so you can harmonize your accessory with your interior decor. Linens come in a variety of colors (plain, printed, checked or with different designs), sizes and materials (linen, cotton, velvet...).

It's a good idea to break up a neutral decor with a few touches of bright hues to give your living room a little extra pep. Otherwise, ecru, light and more neutral colors guarantee a certain sobriety. Pretty floral patterns are perfect for a country-spring atmosphere. When it comes to finishing, there are models with bangs, tassels, tapes or overlocking to guarantee optimal durability.

Choose a large throw blanket (220 x 240 cm) to cover your furniture as much as possible and avoid accidental stains. A smaller model is suitable for a recliner. You can choose a size to suit your seating: 2 or 3-seater, sofa, sectional sofa. A thick fabric is best for preventing further damage, while making the furniture warmer, softer and more comfortable.

Spend warm moments with your heated throw blanket

Turn your lounge furniture into a warm place with a heated throw blanket. Typically used in winter and autumn, this home accessory is a great ally for reading in comfort, sipping a delicious cup of tea or watching TV. When the temperature drops, there's nothing better than snuggling up on your cozy sofa and enjoying a good movie. Its soft, fluffy appearance immediately makes you want to curl up with it, especially as the winter chill approaches.

heated throw blanket is a versatile object. In fact, we're already familiar with the concept, thanks to innovative technology. Made essentially from thick materials, this fabric conveys a warm atmosphere and a cozy feel to the living room to get you through the cold season with energy. It is available in all styles to cover the seat. But its main role, as when it was born in the Highlands in the 17th century, is to provide warmth. So you can enjoy the warmth of your favorite film or book during the cooler months of the year.

To keep warm on the sofa, choose warm materials for your christmas throw blanket, such as polar fleece, which has a fur-like effect, or knitted wool. Once in your living room, this model not only brings a warm spirit, but also enhances your furniture. It gives you the opportunity to snuggle up in it, whatever the season.

How do you choose your throw blanket?

Choosing a throw blanket depends mainly on your needs. These versatile objects have many roles to play in your home. First and foremost, they provide warmth for winter evenings, softness for mid-season and a beautiful decorative touch all year round. Whatever the objective, these linens will meet your every need and blend seamlessly with your room. All you have to do is adapt the colors and patterns to suit your mood.

The problem arises when you plan to buy a throw blanket for a sectional sofa. There is no specific model for this type of sofa. All sizes are reserved for straight armchairs. For this purpose, choose a large throw, usually measuring 220 x 240 cm. If this doesn't fit the imposing size of your furniture, it's better to buy several throws. Don't hesitate to use contrasting colors to highlight the seat, for example by using a colorful fabric on a dark sofa. It's even more pleasing to place cushions of the same tone on top.

Wool, imitation leather or faux fur models provide a more vintage look. Synthetic throw blanket are very popular, given their price. What's more, this type of fabric is very soft and hypoallergenic. But it accumulates too much dust and spreads unpleasant odors over time. It therefore requires frequent cleaning. Choose a cashmere throw blanket or throw for a modern look.

How to make a throw blanket fit?

There are several simple, practical techniques that can help you maintain a throw blanket, especially on leather furniture, which causes the textile to slip all the time. The material is sometimes thin and delicate. Sure, it adds a wonderful decorative touch, but it's hard to get it to stay in place on a smooth back. You can sew ties around every corner of the fabric and tie them to the legs of the furniture. On the other hand, this method proves impractical and unattractive, especially if you want to wrap yourself in the throw in the evening. What's more, the cords are visible. Instead of cords, opt for self-adhesive Velcro strips on the edges of the fabric. That way, you'll be able to detach them easily to cover up. What's more, the self-adhesive side can be hidden by gluing it to the leather. Your throw blanket won't move, and no one will even notice the fastenings.