How Do I Wash A Futon Cover ?

November 06, 2023 3 min read

How Do I Wash A Futon Cover ? | Comfy Covers

Currently, the use of a futon cover is on the rise. This accessory is essential to protect the furniture, improve its longevity, and give it a more pleasant look. Since it collects all kinds of dirt, you must regularly clean it, for which we have a guide on covers to protect your convertible sofa. This task is so important that it cannot be neglected. Here are some tips to guide you in washing your futon bed cover.

How to proceed before cleaning?

How Do I Wash A Futon Cover ? | Comfy Covers

The cover helps keep your cocooning area constantly clean. It is generally subjected to heavy use and gets dirty all the time. It needs to be washed regularly. However, its maintenance depends on its characteristics. Before adopting any cleaning method for your futon bed cover, start by checking what is written on its label. It should indicate whether it is washable or not.

If the fabrics are clean but have some stains, there's no need to wash them all. You can simply remove the stains with a very practical method. The virtues of baking soda are well-known for this purpose. Just moisten the stain, sprinkle it generously with baking soda, and let it sit for a while before rubbing it all off either dry or with a cloth soaked in alcohol. Note that this is an eco-friendly way to remove stains, grease, or bad odors.

Washing a non-removable futon sofa bed cover

Whether it's a futon bed, the cover can be fixed or removable. For a non-removable model, you should seek the help of an automatic washing machine. Given that the structure of your sofa is somewhat unique and sensitive, the services of a professional in the field may sometimes be necessary. Thanks to their skills and expertise, a laundry expert knows the appropriate cleaning method for your furniture.

Washing a removable futon bed 

The choice of maintenance can be varied for a removable futon sofa cover.


Handwashing is the most traditional but very time-consuming and tedious method. Simply remove the covers and place them in a large container or bathtub. You can then wash them with soapy cold water. Make sure the detergent used is suitable for the type of fabric. Thoroughly scrub both sides of the cover to remove all dirt. Once done, proceed to rinse with clear water, spin-dry, and dry. Again, you should check the appropriate drying method if the label specifies manual washing only.

Machine Washing

If information on the label indicates that your sofa cover is machine washable, the operation will be easier. However, make sure your machine has a large enough capacity to accommodate the fabric. Opt for the wool program, a very low temperature, less than 30°C / 86F, and a low spin speed, along with your usual detergent. Otherwise, a laundromat can save your life to prevent improper maintenance.

Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning at the dry cleaner is a favorable alternative for maintaining the removable futon cover. It is more suitable for fabrics labeled as "dry cleaning only" or "do not wash with water." This is also the case if the cover cannot be machine washed or cleaned manually. Moreover, this technique is more effective in removing stains and dirt at the same time.

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