How To Choose A Futon Cover?

November 06, 2023 2 min read

How To Choose A Futon Cover? | Comfy Covers

The sofa is a central piece, comfortable and cozy inside a home. The whole family loves to relax on it, watch TV, or just spend a pleasant time. Very practical and stylish, the futon sofa bed or futon (BZ) are very trendy models that are increasingly popular in households today. Their sofa-bed shape serves as an extra sleeping place. With regular use, the furniture can easily get dirty or worn out. The use of a futon cover is essential. Here are some tips to help you find a cover model that suits you.

Why use a futon sofa bed cover?

In the living room or in a bedroom, a futon sofa bed is conducive to relaxation. A suitable futon bed cover helps protect the furniture from possible dirt or tears to optimize its lifespan. Its role is extremely important, especially when there are children or pets at home. But covers also serve as excellent decorative elements. They come in many variations to harmonize with your interior and enhance other decorative objects.

Various models of futon covers

Before choosing a covr suitable for these sofas, know that there is a variety of models on the market. Each has its own specifications, parameters, and advantages. Standard covers are the most classic and popular. They are easy to find with dimensions typically: 120-150 cm / 47x59", 160-180cm / 63x91", 185-200cm / 72x78". You simply need to check the size of your futon bed: its width, the height of its backrest, and the depth of its seat.

Adjustable covers are more versatile and fit typical sofa sizes. They can also fit other sofa models. It's even better if you choose custom-made sizes if you have a personalized futon sofa bed. This way, the cover perfectly meets your expectations, ensuring aesthetics.

Key selection criteria to consider

To find the right futon sofa bed cover for your interior, you should consider some crucial selection criteria.


When it comes to fabric, the choice is immense. The cover can be made of cotton, linen, velvet, etc. Some materials are very durable for long-lasting use, while others are waterproof. Some are also easier to clean. Choose elastic materials that are easy to put on to enhance your makeover.

Colors and Patterns

The cover of a futon bed also stands out for its practical and decorative aspect. This option is more economical than buying new furniture. To fulfill this role, you should find a model that matches your interior. Therefore, it is wiser to consider these parameters.

Finishing Touches

Pay attention to the finishing touches as well. This factor affects how the cover fits. Some models have hidden elastics inside to secure them even when sitting on them. Others close with snap buttons or zippers. The presence of small cords or ties adds some chic and elegant touches to your seating.

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