How To Cover A Couch ?

October 24, 2023 3 min read

How To Cover A Couch ? | Comfy Covers

Looking to spruce up your living room? Think about the furniture, especially the . It's considered the centerpiece of the living room. Not just for aesthetics, it offers comfort and a place to relax and enjoy. To keep your in good condition, it's recommended to use a cover. There are many designs and colors to choose from, depending on your interior decoration. To help you install your couch cover correctly, follow this guide.

All the Steps to Install a Cover

How to Cover a Couch | Comfy Covers

Follow these 5 steps to properly fit your cover.

First Step

The first thing to do is locate the label of the cover. To do this, turn the cover inside out. Once you've found the label, place it at the back of the . Note that it might not be right in the center.

Second Step

Next, cover the entire . Stretch the cover and spread it so that it completely envelops the . Move slowly from the back to the front.

Third Step

The next step is to adjust the cover. Align the seams at the front edges of the . Adjust them on top of the armrest. Do the same for the top of the backrest. Once the cover is well-adjusted, let it drop to the bottom of the and leave an overhang of 4 to 5 cm.

Fourth Step

The fourth step involves inserting the foam stabilizers into the cover. These foams are provided with the cover. Insert them at the back and the armrests of the . If there are gaps on the right or left side of the seat or the backrest, make sure to use all the foams and push them well in. This ensures the cover stays in place.

Fifth Step

The final step is to secure the cover's ties underneath the . You'll need to lift or completely flip the to do this. Consider asking a neighbor or a family member for help, as holding the alone can be challenging.

Then, tie the left side strings of the cover with the right side strings. Make sure to stretch the fabric before tying the strings. This way, the cover will be held securely in place.

After that, you can put the back in place. Check everything, and if you notice any imperfections, repeat the steps as necessary.

Installing a Cover on a with Cushion Backrest

How to Cover a Couch | Comfy Covers

Fitting a cover varies depending on the type. If you have a with a cushion backrest, there are two ways to fit the cover. You can place the cover over the cushion or underneath it. However, if the cushions are thick, slide the cover below them.

Installing a Cover on a with Storage or Drawers

Putting a cover on a with storage or drawers is easy. However, once the cover is in place, you won't have access to the drawers or storage. If this is an issue, skip the step of tying the strings. However, the visual result might not be as appealing.

How to Maintain and Wash the Cover

For everyday maintenance, vacuum the cover regularly. To wash the cover, refer to the label. Most covers can be machine washed with cold water, delicate cycle, and mild detergent. Avoid using bleach. Lay it flat to dry and don't iron. For stubborn stains, consult a professional.

In conclusion, having a cover is a great way to preserve your and enhance the beauty of your living room. Take the time to choose the right cover and ensure you fit it correctly for the best results.

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