How To Cover A Sectional Couch ?

October 26, 2023 4 min read

How To Cover A Sectional Couch ? | Comfy Covers

Planning to spruce up your living room? To succeed in your project, you need to consider every element that makes up the room. Being the most important element, the sofa is the heart of your living room decor. If you have a sectional couch, consider covering it with a sectional couch cover. Stylish, the cover will give a unique look to your living room and your couch. Not only decorative, but it will also protect your sectional couch from dust, dirt, stains, and pets. To make sure the cover can fulfill its role, it should be installed correctly. If you want to know everything about covers, you can follow the steps below.

All the steps for installing a sectional couch cover

How To Cover A Sectional Couch ? | Comfy Covers

Installing a sectional couch cover is easy. To succeed in the operation, follow these steps.

Gather all the necessary elements

First and foremost, you need to gather all the necessary elements for installing the sectional couch cover. You should have two covers for the sectional couch and the tubular support foams. If the foams are not included with the covers, you should buy them before proceeding with the installation.

For the covers, make sure they match the dimensions of your sectional couch. In this case, don't hesitate to take measurements before purchasing the covers.

Spread the cover

How To Cover A Sectional Couch ? | Comfy Covers

After gathering all the necessary elements, you can start the installation. The first thing you need to do is separate the sectional couch. Also, remove the throws, cushions, and other decorative elements from the couch. Then, take the cover and stretch it over the couch. You can ask another person to help you with this step. When stretching the cover, make sure the label is placed at the back of the couch. Perform this operation for both parts of the sectional couch.

Completely cover the couch with the cover

After placing the label at the back of the couch, completely cover it with the sectional couch cover. To do this, stretch the cover over all 4 corners of the couch and cover the entire surface of the couch from front to back. Make sure to pull from the sides of the couch for better results. Perform this operation for both parts of the sectional couch.

Adjust the cover properly

To achieve a perfect and aesthetically pleasing result, you need to move on to the next step. This involves adjusting the cover properly on the couch. To do this, tuck the excess fabric into each corner of the couch. You can use a wooden spoon to perform this operation.

For the remaining fabric, tuck it into the gap between the armrests and the seats or between the seats and the backrests. You can stop when there are no more visible wrinkles on the couch.

Insert the support foams

Once the couch is completely covered with the cover, you can now place the support foams. Insert them into the grooves of your sofa. These foams will provide a better aesthetic result and more comfort.

Attach the securing cords

You will find securing cords on different sides of the cover that are used to keep the cover in place on the couch. To prevent it from folding or slipping, you should attach the cords. To do this, ask another person to help you flip the couch. Then, tie the cords and put the couch back in place.

In the case where you have a sectional couch with drawers, you will no longer have access to these storage spaces once you have tied the cords. So, if you still want to enjoy the functionalities of your couch, make sure not to attach the securing cords.

Reposition the cushions

Once the cords are attached and the sectional couch is back in place, all that's left is to reposition the cushions. You can also put back the throws and other decorative elements on your sectional couch. You can then enjoy the benefits of your couch cover. It will protect your couch from dirt and stains. Just make sure to coordinate the accessories with your new sectional couch cover to enhance your interior decoration.

How to maintain a sectional couch cover?

For hygiene and aesthetic reasons, it is advisable to maintain the sectional couch cover. You should clean it regularly. To do this, you can vacuum it to remove dust and pet hair.

To remove stains, consider cleaning the cover. In this case, you should remove it from the couch. Detach the straps and remove the cover. Then, read its label to see if it can be machine-washed. If so, follow the washing instructions to avoid damaging the cover. For drying, spread it out on a large surface. Be sure to put it back in place only after it has dried thoroughly. Otherwise, there may be unpleasant odors, and moisture will damage the couch.

If the cover cannot fit in the washing machine, you can clean it by hand. Make sure to scrub it well to remove stains. You can also use baking soda to get rid of stains.

To make your life easier, you can also use a steam cleaner. This device is very effective for cleaning your sectional couch cover. Furthermore, to avoid frequent washing of the cover, you can protect it. To do this, apply a waterproofing agent.

Where to find a sectional couch cover?

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