All You Need To Know About Sectional Couch Covers

November 01, 2023 6 min read

All You Need To Know About Sectional Couch Covers | Comfy Covers

Having a sectional couch in your living room is part of a prestigious decoration, especially since it's in the most important room in the house. It's an essential element for your interior and allows you to welcome guests and loved ones at any time. However, if you regularly have guests over, you risk quickly damaging your sectional couch, which is why it's necessary to protect it with a sectional couch cover. Discover everything you need to know about it.

What is a Sectional Couch Cover?

If you have a brand-new sectional couch and find it challenging to keep it in new condition because you have children and pets, don't worry. The best solution is to use a sectional couch cover. Both practical and aesthetic, it's an essential element for protecting your couch from potential accidents (stains, scratches, etc.).

Why Install a Sectional Couch Cover?

Several reasons may drive you to install a sectional couch cover, especially its protective nature.


Investing in a sectional couch is a significant investment. Therefore, it's not easy to see it deteriorate over time. Thanks to the purchase of a sectional couch cover, you can enjoy a practical accessory, and most importantly, at a lower price. It will also save you from investing in a new sectional couch. Indeed, a sectional couch cover is very affordable and is an inexpensive option to dress up your furniture.


In addition to being a cost-effective solution, a sectional couch cover also allows you to breathe new life into your furniture. It's also a way to quickly change your decor if you like frequent changes and keeping up with trends. Moreover, its installation takes only a few minutes. Thus, a sectional couch cover enables you to instantly change the ambiance of your home.

Optimal Comfort

Indeed, a sectional couch cover can provide you with optimal comfort, regardless of the material used for its manufacturing. Being padded, it offers a plush appearance for maximum comfort. It's a way to enjoy family relaxation while spending quality time in comfort.


A sectional couch cover stands out for its convenience. This is due to its easy installation and removal. In addition, it's easy to maintain, requiring minimal effort on your part, as it can easily be machine-washed. In addition to providing good protection, you will no longer have to spend time cleaning your sectional couch.

How to Choose a Sectional Couch Cover?

All You Need To Know About Sectional Couch Covers | Comfy Covers

Choosing a sectional couch cover is not difficult, but you need to consider some essential points.

The Type of Cover

There are several types of sectional couch covers.

Custom Cover

You may have a fairly unique sectional couch, requiring a special cover. In this case, it's ideal to seek the assistance of a tailor who can take the right measurements and find the right shape to suit your furniture. The advantage is having a personalized cover that is also easy to maintain.

Adjustable Cover

This type of cover typically comes with a system of ties, elastic bands, or an extendable system. An adjustable sectional couch cover is perfect for convertible couches like sectional sleeper sofas. It's very practical, as it can adapt to any shape of the couch. This type of cover can fully cover the couch and can be put in place in no time.

Standard Cover

This is the type of cover that fits all types of sectional couches. The standard cover is also the most common on the market. It's available in various sizes and is easy to put in place—simply place the cover on the backrest and pull it forward to cover the entire sectional couch. It's the perfect type of cover for a practical accessory.

The Model

Keep in mind that a sectional couch consists of two parts: the body and the chaise. The body is the wider part, and the chaise is the part that forms the angle. Ideally, choose a model that can cover both of these parts for optimal protection. However, sectional couch cover models can come as a single piece, with ties, or as extendable covers.


This includes the dimensions of your sectional couch. This is a very important criterion because it determines the type of sectional couch cover you will choose. If it's too large, your furniture won't have the appearance you desire. On the other hand, if it's too small, you'll have trouble fitting it onto your sectional couch, and it won't be adequately covered.

The Material

Sectional couch covers are made from various materials, all of which are equally durable.


It's probably the most commonly used material for making a sectional couch cover. Moreover, cotton is suitable for the majority of sectional couch models. It benefits from its natural and soft character. In addition, it's easy to clean. A cotton sectional couch cover can easily be machine washed. It's a durable material that can offer comfortable softness.


It has a natural appearance. It adds an elegant look to your sectional couch. Its greatest advantage is that it can resist termites and insects. Choosing linen to make a sectional couch cover is a real asset because it's not only durable but also easy to clean.


If you like the cozy look, velvet is the ideal material for making a sectional couch cover. It's a very elegant material that adds an original touch to your interior decoration. Moreover, it's available in various colors and can adapt to any style of decor.


There are also sectional couch covers made from synthetic materials. It's a less expensive material that offers a better price-quality ratio. A synthetic sectional couch cover can resist all treatments without degrading easily. Plus, you can change your cover as often as you like, as it doesn't require a significant investment.

Other Materials

A sectional couch cover can also be made from other materials, such as stain-resistant treatment to protect the couch from water and stains. If you're looking for comfort, you can also choose a padded cover to add a plush appearance to your sectional couch.

Color and Pattern

Sectional couch covers are available in various colors and patterns, giving you a wide range of choices. However, make sure to choose a cover that suits your interior decoration for perfect harmony. This doesn't prevent you from opting for different colors if you want to change your decor regularly.


Some covers come with elastics, while others are equipped with ties or straps. More unique models made from stretch fabric are also very practical. All you need is the right measurements to choose the finishing that suits your sectional couch. However, keep in mind that a cover with elastic can cover the entire sectional couch.

How to Install a Sectional Couch Cover?

Installing a sectional couch cover is easy and doesn't require any special technique, especially if your furniture has a relatively simple shape. However, there are some steps to follow to install it properly.

Take the Necessary Measurements

This is the first step in being able to put on your sectional couch cover. Regardless of the shape of your sectional couch, make sure to take the correct measurements. For this, it's important to measure the backrest and the seat of the couch. Note that there is an L-shaped sectional couch that requires two covers, and the U-shaped couch needs three covers.

Spread the Cover

Now that you have the dimensions and have chosen your sectional couch cover, you can proceed with its installation. Before that, remember to remove all items from the couch, including cushions or throws. Next, you'll need to separate the two parts of the sectional couch and then spread the cover, making sure that its label is at the back of the couch.

Cover the Couch and Adjust the Cover

Once the sectional couch cover is spread out, make sure to pull its four corners. Also, ensure that it stretches over the sides of the couch so that it can cover the entire surface. Don't hesitate to adjust it if necessary. Then, fasten the cords or close the cover with the zipper if it has one to secure it.

How to Maintain a Sectional Couch Cover?

As you know, a sectional couch cover is easy to maintain because it can easily go in the washing machine. However, cleaning should be done according to its manufacturing material. Make sure to follow the instructions on the label to avoid any inconveniences. In general, washing should be done on a gentle cycle with lukewarm water. Indeed, hot water could shrink the fabric, while cold water can cause wrinkles.

However, it's best to air dry it by placing the sectional couch cover on a clothesline, making sure that the inside is on the outside. You can still spread it on a shelf indoors during bad weather. Avoid using a dryer, as it can shrink the cover. You can iron it when it's completely dry to remove wrinkles.

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