Couch Pillows: How To Arrange Them?

November 03, 2023 5 min read

Couch Pillows: How To Arrange Them? | Comfy Covers

To easily animate and enhance your sofa, pillows are the perfect accessory. They provide your furniture with a polished and more aesthetic look. But it's not just about getting pillows for your sofa; you also need to know how to arrange them properly.

It's advisable to refine your interior design plan before buying pillows. This way, it will be easier for you to choose the right shapes, patterns, sizes, and colors.

We offer you a comprehensive guide on pillow selection to assist you in the purchasing process to complement your decoration.  

Examine Your Living Room Carefully

Couch Pillows: How To Arrange Them? | Comfy Covers

The first step in arranging pillows is to observe the room, especially the piece of furniture that will receive them: the sofa. Generally, sofas come in classic colors such as white, black, gray, or beige. The advantage of this neutrality is the ability to create a wide range of color combinations with pillows. However, when the sofa itself features bold colors, it is recommended to pair it with an original pillow pattern and neutral pillows for harmonization. When selecting the colors for your pillows, feel free to explore various color families that match the other elements of your decor.  

Choose Your Sofa Pillow

Couch Pillows: How To Arrange Them? | Comfy Covers

Now, let's focus on choosing the pillows themselves. If you prefer organized, coherent arrangements rather than randomness, you'll probably prefer creating a carefully curated collection of pillows with consistent colors, mix of patterns for visual appeal, and varied sizes for depth. 

To achieve this effect, you should select pillows from the same color palette. Start your selection with the darkest colors in the palette and gradually move towards lighter shades, ensuring you mix patterns with similar hues.

For example, using blue, turquoise, and teal as an "active" neutral palette can work well. The uniqueness of blue tones lies in their ability to add color while remaining neutral and versatile enough to accept various shades of blue within the same arrangement. 

What Size for Your Pillow?

Couch Pillows: How To Arrange Them? | Comfy Covers

The choice of the right size is crucial as it will determine the number of pillows you need. Ideally, for an inviting arrangement, you should opt for an odd number of pillows. If you have a small sofa, consider using three pillows. For a larger piece of furniture, you can go up to five pillows. If you have a large sofa for the entire family, you'll need seven pillows. In terms of size, a 40x40cm pillow is ideal for small sofas. Sizes above that are 45x45cm or even 50x50cm, which work well for larger furniture. 

For arrangement, you can either stick to pillows of the same size for the same sofa or mix different sizes. In the latter case, start with the largest size and then layer the smaller ones.    

Get Creative with Mixing

Couch Pillows: How To Arrange Them? | Comfy Covers

To add more dimension to your sofa, you can mix solid materials with patterns. This means you can combine pillows with linear, graphic, and organic prints with those that have a solid texture.

If you opt for neutral pillows, you can complete the collection with small, original models featuring striking patterns or textures. Play around with textures, patterns, materials like fur, and metallic colors to create a captivating and eye-catching look. 

For more mixing ideas to achieve balance in the room while breaking the monotony of elements and offering a dynamic visual effect, take advantage of the bonus tips provided at the end of the article. They provide advice on organizing various styles of living rooms.  

Pillow Covers: Why Not?

Couch Pillows: How To Arrange Them? | Comfy Covers

Now that you have a better understanding of how to decorate your living room, select colors, choose pillow types for your sofa, and arrange them to enhance their visual appeal. 

You are now ready to make changes to your interior style. 

To go even further, we offer a range of pillow covers with various unique models. You can choose from velvet covers, fur covers, and covers with original patterns. You can also select from a wide range of sizes to fit all your pillows.    

Discover our collection of Pillow Covers here! 

BONUS: Some Living Room Decoration Examples

Your decoration preferences can help determine how to arrange your pillows. However, trying to follow the same guideline as the rest of the room can result in either a mediocre or overly extravagant arrangement. 

So, we offer some arrangement examples to match different sofa and living room decoration styles. 

Traditional Decor

Couch Pillows: How To Arrange Them? | Comfy Covers

If you're a fan of traditional style, you'll likely be inclined towards a symmetrical arrangement. In this approach, we recommend using coordinated pillow sets that come with the sofa as the foundation for your arrangement. Then, work from the outside in. Mix traditional colors and patterns like geometric and floral prints. Don't forget to consider other elements that make up the room's decor, including furniture and decorative accessories. They should also be integrated into the harmony of materials and colors.   

Minimalist Decor

Couch Pillows: How To Arrange Them? | Comfy Covers

The golden rule of minimalist style is "less is more." So, naturally, this principle applies to arranging pillows on the sofa. Firstly, you'll be happy to learn that a minimalist style doesn't require many pillows on the sofa. Two or three pieces are more than enough. Of course, for an asymmetrical arrangement, you'll need three pillows. 

For this minimalist decoration, we've opted for matching pillows (in terms of size and color) placed on either side of the sofa. To add contrast, we've included an ottoman of the same color as the sofa. This provides comfort, texture, and color to the room without cluttering it.       

Even though we've opted for plain colors instead of prints and aimed for simplicity, we still wanted to add some plants. You can decide to use patterns or textures to highlight artwork instead. Additionally, we chose a color similar to the one used on the walls when selecting the pillows. 

Bohemian Decor

Couch Pillows: How To Arrange Them? | Comfy Covers

Bohemian decor will bring back everything that minimalism took away. Here, you can indulge yourself and go all out with your pillow arrangement. Let your creativity run wild by mixing various patterns, textures, and colors. Don't hesitate to layer tassels as well. 

As soon as you have a somewhat vague idea of your pillow selection, pile them on the sofa without worrying about a specific or perfect layout. However, stay within the rules we communicated earlier regarding scale and size. 

Be careful not to create confusion by creating coordinated sections and adopting a fairly coherent overall pattern, as shown in this image. Here, we decided to match the pillows on the armchairs with one of those placed on the sofa to tie everything together.  

Sectional Decor

Couch Pillows: How To Arrange Them? | Comfy Covers

Arranging pillows on a sectional sofa is not always easy. You need to consider not only the two ends of the furniture but also the corner in the middle. Therefore, you'll need to focus on the corners. It's a relatively simple task. 

For each corner, we recommend using two or three pillows. Choose a solid-colored pillow with a dark color as an anchor at each level. Then, embellish it with patterns and more pronounced hues. Maintain symmetry at the ends and place a differently colored pillow in the middle corner.  

You can take inspiration from the arrangement we've created in this image. We've placed similar pillows at the ends (one plain model with others featuring patterns).

This approach is quite basic but comprehensive. You can modify it to your liking based on your preferences.  

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