Decorative Tips To Embellish Your Sofa With Cushions

November 03, 2023 5 min read

Decorative Tips To Embellish Your Sofa With Cushions | Comfy Covers

Decorating a sofa is the simplest task when it comes to decorating the main room of your home. Indeed, all you need to make a sofa look more beautiful is to accessorize it with pillows. What's great about getting pillows is that, on the one hand, they can be used as decorative objects, and on the other hand, as headrests.

There is a wide range of pillows available on the market in various styles, shapes, and colors. They can, therefore, adapt to all tastes in decoration. Furthermore, with our pillow covers, you can unleash your imagination to have a unique decoration. If you want to know more, don't hesitate to visit our guide to everything about pillow covers.

Whether you prefer modern or traditional decor, rest assured that you will find one or more tips that you can use. Of course, you can opt for a mix of styles as well.

Are you more into modern or traditional style?

Decorative Tips To Embellish Your Sofa With Cushions | Comfy Covers

You absolutely need to know where you stand in order to determine the cushion model and arrangement. If you decide to decorate your sofa traditionally, you should adopt a classic style on an old sofa. This means that you will use basic colors, integrate order and balance, and prioritize elegance and class.

On the contrary, if you opt for modern decoration, you will have to be bold. You need to focus on brightness, design, and trend to challenge fashion. However, the contrast between the two styles does not mean that one is better than the other. It's all a matter of taste. The essential thing is to be able to match the style of the room, as well as personal preferences.

How many pillows do you need?

Decorative Tips To Embellish Your Sofa With Cushions | Comfy Covers

Traditional decoration calls for balance by relying on regular shapes, predictable patterns, and orderly pieces. For this, you will need to get an even number of pillows. Ideally, buy a minimum of two and a maximum of four. You should not overcrowd the sofa. Then, arrange them at equidistance. Another alternative is to place two cushions on each side of the sofa.

If your models are not the same size, always make sure to maintain good symmetry. Place two large cushions on the outside and two small ones on the inside.

On the side of modern decoration, you can let loose. The rules are less rigid. You can opt for odd numbers of pillows to counteract the static and especially formal effect. However, it is recommended to still be symmetrical. Opt for a maximum of 5 pillows for a sofa. To maintain symmetry, you can, for example, place two pillows at the ends of the sofa, two others adjacent to the first ones, and one last one in the middle. This last one should be larger than the others. If you choose large cushions, you can overlook the chaotic appearance of your sofa.

Create an assortment of shapes

Decorative Tips To Embellish Your Sofa With Cushions | Comfy Covers

In general, traditional cushions come in square and round shapes. They are often small but still wide enough to allow you to distinguish the pattern and even the design.

Still in the same context, it is important to vary the shapes to prevent the cushions from looking alike. Know that you can achieve a symmetrical appearance without perfectly replicating your initial arrangement. This means that you should create a kind of illusion of balance and not try to balance the shapes. So you can very well place a round cushion opposite a square one.

In modern decoration, it is very interesting to incorporate elongated cushions. You can also allow yourself to combine heart-shaped models, triangles, or even cushions with different patterns. For Valentine's Day, you can focus on lovely heart-shaped cushions.

Embrace the material

Since we are talking about elegance, for traditional style, you should favor cushions made of soft fabrics like velvet, silk, or suede. Obviously, these models are a bit expensive due to the classy effect they provide to the sofa.

It is entirely possible to vary the materials on the same sofa. For example, you can get several different pieces to change your composition from time to time.

In terms of filling, small cushions are not ideal because they do not provide a good visual result. So, if you want stuffing, it's better to buy large cushions.

For modern decor, materials such as linen or cotton are completely possible. Moreover, they are cheaper.

What about colors and patterns?

Decorative Tips To Embellish Your Sofa With Cushions | Comfy Covers

For traditional decor, you should turn to solid colors and patterns that are considered conservative. Ideally, your colors should match those of the sofa or other furniture.

Privilege neutral tones. This way, you are sure they won't contrast with the design pieces in the living room. For example, you can use throws to make your arrangement more pleasant. The latter go well with all sofas.

For modern decoration, as you may have understood, you have the possibility to play more with colors and dare. However, always ensure that you create harmony between your cushions and the sofa. You can, of course, afford bolder and more striking patterns (floral or foliage composition). Flowers should bring a touch of freshness and a spring-like atmosphere to your decor.

Try the mix of elements

So far, all the advice given is to adopt either modern or traditional decoration. What if you don't want to choose between the two? You can perfectly decide to make a mix that is unique to you.

For example, you can decide to place the cushions in pairs but arrange them asymmetrically and organically. Or you can choose symmetry but with pieces of different shapes and materials.

Be careful, your decoration must clearly lean towards one of the two styles. You must also choose the color of your cushions by integrating them with the colors of the other elements of the decor. You can use them to highlight or accentuate an existing color.

The cushion can be used to highlight the creative choices you have made in the room. Don't hesitate to follow your own artistic line because it's your living room and your sofa. You should be able to feel comfortable in your own space.

To decorate your sofa, take into account its appearance and design. For example, if you have a traditional Wingback sofa, you are obliged to adopt a traditional style for the arrangement of the cushions. If you have a Tuxedo sofa, you can allow yourself all the fantasies.

In the hope that the tips in this article will help you better decorate your sofa with cushions. If you have specific concerns about choosing patterns, shapes, style, or colors, you can let me know in the comments.

Feel free to take a look at our sofa covers. They allow you to have more freedom in your decoration and switch from one style to another according to your current desires. Pillows are not the only things that can beautify a sofa.


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