How To Choose A Chair Cover ?

November 03, 2023 7 min read

How To Choose A Chair Cover ? | Comfy Covers

A chair cover is an accessory that allows you to protect your chair. It prevents you from having to replace this piece of furniture on a tight budget. But it's also a way for you to express yourself in terms of decoration. In fact, it allows you to follow current trends at a reduced price.

But to enjoy this, it's necessary to know how to choose a chair cover. With the numerous styles and models available on the market, this action may seem difficult. But don't worry, we'll help you with your selection in this article.

Why Use a Chair Cover?

How To Choose A Chair Cover ? | Comfy Covers

The answer to this question varies, but in general, a cover is used to protect the chair. Indeed, your chair is subject to various aggressions such as scratches from your pets, stains, cuts, and much more. The cover allows you to protect it from all these harms.

This protection is also a good way to avoid buying a new chair. In terms of budget, it's preferable to opt for this solution rather than purchasing a new piece of furniture. Considering that the price difference can be around a hundred euros, it's better to replace a chair cover if it gets damaged.

But the chair cover also allows you to arrange the decorations in your home. Since it's replaceable, you can adopt a design for each season according to the style you've chosen. With various color options, you can achieve a neutral or warm tone according to your desires.

How to Choose a Chair Cover?

Choosing a chair cover is not easy. You need to consider several criteria such as the material of construction, the weight of the fabric, the fabric style, and much more. You should also ensure that the model matches the tone of your home.

The Material

This is the most important criterion for choosing a chair cover. It should be sturdy and resistant to provide optimal protection for the chair. Cotton or linen is a good choice because besides being strong, these materials are resistant to stains and scratches.

You should also choose a material that is easy to maintain. Since the cover can be removed, it's preferable to choose a model that is easy to clean. This will save you from buying expensive detergent products. You can also save on energy since cold washing will suffice.

A good material also guarantees the longevity of your cover. Even if it's for protecting your chair, it's better to opt for a more durable cover. This will give you a good return on investment, and you'll also have an easy-to-install cover.

The Color of the Cover

When you buy a chair cover, it's necessary to consider the color. It allows you to match the style you want with your decoration. Ideally, you should find a fabric that suits the decoration of your dining room or living room.

If you have a Scandinavian style, opt for a sober and classic color. For an industrial style, it's better to go for a contrasting color. You can also try a color combination according to your inspirations. However, if you find it difficult, you can seek the assistance of a professional decorator.

The Pattern

Like the color, you need to find the ideal pattern that suits your decoration. However, you can also opt for exceptional patterns according to your desires. Even if your house has a neutral tone, you can liven it up with a brighter color. You can also match the color of your cover with the other furniture in your house.

For example, you can choose a tropical pattern even if your decoration is Scandinavian. But it's also possible to follow the general rule and choose the appropriate color for the chosen style. However, you can use your imagination and choose unique designs. Nevertheless, you should think more about cleaning and choose a pattern that is easy to clean.

The Shape

Not all chairs have the same shape. Therefore, the covers available for sale also differ from each other. There is a size guide, but depending on the chosen model, there is a specific cover. However, some chair models cannot be covered with a standard cover. These are atypical or customized chairs according to your decoration.

For atypical chair shapes, a standard cover won't fit. You'll need to buy a unique model like your chair. However, it will be difficult to find one. You'll need to go to a professional tailor. Moreover, the price will be significant compared to a unique model.

The Size

This criterion goes hand in hand with the previous one. Like the shape, it's necessary to find the right size. You'll need to take measurements to find the size that suits your chair. Start with the backrest by measuring the height, width, length, and depth. Don't neglect the armrests if there are any.

Then, you'll need to measure the seat. Just like for the backrest, consider the length, height, width, and thickness. Your measurements should be precise down to the millimeter, especially if it's an atypical seat. Take your time, and if you encounter difficulties, seek professional help.

The Price

This choice criterion applies to any item for sale in a shop. It's necessary to compare before buying. Knowing that the price of a cover varies from €19.90 to €34.90, you'll have a range to follow. By looking carefully, you can find a more affordable model from different sellers.

How to Put On a Chair Cover?

How To Choose A Chair Cover ? | Comfy Covers

If you have followed all the selection criteria, installing a chair cover should be easy. However, it's necessary to proceed step by step to successfully put on the cover. Here are the steps to follow.

Prepare the Chair

Preparing the chair starts with cleaning. You need to remove all the dirt before installing your new cover. Of course, you'll need to remove the previous cover beforehand. Don't be surprised to find a pile of debris on your chair, as well as dust.

Start by removing the larger debris by hand. Once that's done, check the crevices; you may still find dirt there. After inspecting and cleaning, you can vacuum to remove all the dust. It's also possible to do a light sanding if the wood surface is damaged.

Put on the Cover

Once the preparation is done, you can put on your new chair covers. The process is similar to putting on a sock. Start at the top of the backrest and gently slide the cover down. Don't force it, as it could tear. Use a lubricant if you're having trouble.

The procedure is the same for the seat. But for models with armrests, you'll need to maneuver the cover carefully to follow the shapes. You can apply this technique to the cushions of your sofa or armchair as well. It's the same for a mattress cover and others.

Stretch the Fabric

Once you've put on the cover, you'll need to stretch it. This action allows you to adjust the shape of the chair cover. Like when putting it on, don't pull too hard, as it could damage it. But if your cover is elastic, you won't need to worry about this.

Once the cover is well stretched, you can iron the surface. But be careful, the iron should be properly adjusted to avoid burning the cover. You just need to close the zipper or Velcro strap according to your model.

Enjoy Your New Cover

All that's left is to enjoy all the benefits that the chair cover provides. For removal, simply reverse the process. Start by unzipping the closure and removing the cover. Since you'll be washing the accessory, take the opportunity to clean your chair as well.

The washing should be suitable for the type of fabric you have. But be careful when dealing with wine or blood stains; you shouldn't wash the cover right away. First, remove the stain using simple techniques. It's only after that you can wash the cover by hand or machine, according to your preference.

Which Cover to Choose?

Assuming that the cover is a protective accessory, you need to choose one that provides this effect. But you also need to acquire a model that provides visual satisfaction. Finally, you should ensure that the cover is practical and suitable for your chair.

A Sturdy Cover

The perfect cover would be one that protects your chair from all the aforementioned dangers. However, you shouldn't choose a cover made of steel. That wouldn't be suitable. Cotton is a good material. Moreover, it's available in several colors.

You should choose a cover that is both sturdy and easy to maintain. Take the time to check the strength of each type of fabric before making the purchase. You can seek advice from a seller or a professional for purchasing advice and assistance.

A Stylish Cover

The perfect cover would be one that blends perfectly with your interior decoration. Of course, everyone has their own definition of harmony. But the important thing is to express your personality through your style and decoration preferences. Some people opt for a classic style, while others don't hesitate to push boundaries and try a new ambiance.

Moreover, current trends allow you to print the pattern of your choice on your cover. You can even take a photo from your phone and have it printed on the fabric. The size will be adjusted to your liking, as well as the color. Moreover, the additional cost is not very high.

A Practical and Suitable Cover

The chair cover should fit the size of your chair. We can't stress this enough because if it's too large, it will slip on its own. If it's too small, some parts of your chair won't be covered. It may even happen that the cover won't fit over your backrest or seat. To prevent this from happening, you should ensure that the size is suitable.

But there's also the practical aspect. Your cover should be comfortable and easy to maintain. You'll find some models that are padded. They can be practical, but in terms of maintenance, the padding can cause issues. Don't hesitate to seek the expertise of a professional. They will assist you in your choices and always provide the right solution.

In conclusion, the choice of a chair cover depends on the durability and design of your home. But it's also necessary to check the practical aspect of the accessory. If you have trouble making your choice, seek professional help.

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