How To Measure A Chair Cover?

November 03, 2023 3 min read

How To Measure A Chair Cover? | Comfy Covers

You feel that your dining room is losing its freshness. You sense that dirt is gradually taking over. It might be because the covers of your chairs are starting to show signs of aging. It may be time to replace them and get new ones. However, it's essential to find models that match the size of your chairs. In this article, we will teach you how to measure a chair cover.

How to Take Chair Measurements?

Nothing could be easier; the dimensions of a standard chair start with the height, width, length, and depth. Note the measurements you've obtained and visit our collection of chair covers, where you'll find the cover that fits your chair.

For chairs with a flanged backrest or hollow decorations, it's preferable to opt for adjustable models. They are adaptable and allow you to readjust your cover according to the shapes and patterns of your chair.

Swivel Chair Covers

How To Measure A Chair Cover? | Comfy Covers

For a swivel chair, measuring begins with the height, followed by the width and depth. However, you must also consider the circumference of the seat. Since it often has a circular shape, it would be more like the radius or diameter.

It's also essential to take into account the thickness of the base. If the padding has hollow patterns, consider the size of the areolas. It would be wiser to choose a model like our special Scandinavian chair cover. It accommodates all chair varieties and bases. It's also adjustable and offers better protection against dirt and scratches. Your chair will be preserved on a budget.

What Types of Chairs Are Not Compatible with Covers?

How To Measure A Chair Cover? | Comfy Covers

Not all chairs can be covered with a chair cover. Indeed, there are some models that unfortunately cannot be dressed with these protective accessories. Chairs with armrests or flanged backrests cannot receive a chair cover. This is just one example, but all chairs with atypical shapes cannot be covered.

Chair models made with pallets also cannot receive a chair cover. Even if they have a symmetrical shape, their size can be a problem. However, if yours is equipped with cushions, you have the option to cover it. The method for measuring is similar to that used for a regular chair. Here too, it's best to use an adjustable model.

Additional Tips

To facilitate measuring the chair cover, use a tape measure. Since it folds more easily, you can obtain precise and accurate measurements. Don't hesitate to double-check them to make sure they are correct. You can also rely on the user manual of your chair if you still have it.

At Comfy Covers, we offer three types of large chair covers that you can easily choose based on the measurements you've taken. Here are the main dimensions to consider.

Scandinavian Chair Cover

  • Backrest: 43 to 48cm / 17 - 18.5" height
  • Seat: 51 to 55 cm / 20 - 21.7" width, 43 to 47 cm / 17-18.5" depth

Large Chair Cover

  • Backrest: 35 to 43 cm / 13 - 17" width, 55 to 68 cm / 21 - 26" height,
  • Seat: 42 to 48 cm / 16 - 19" width, 41 to 52 cm / 16 - 21" depth, 12 to 18 cm / 5 - 7"  height at the front, and 23 to 33 cm / 8 - 13" height at the backrest

Standard Chair Cover

  • Backrest: 35 to 48 cm / 13 - 18" width, 42 to 58 cm / 16 - 19" height,
  • Seat: 35 to 48 cm / 13 - 18"  width and depth, 3 to 10 cm / 1.18 - 4" thickness

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