How To Put On Chair Covers ?

November 03, 2023 4 min read

How To Put On Chair Covers ? | Comfy Covers

When redecorating, it's sometimes necessary to replace the chair covers. They need to complement your new color scheme to enhance the style you want to adopt. However, installing new covers can be challenging if you don't know how to go about it. That's the focus of this article. We will guide you step by step on how to put on a new chair cover.


By methodically following these steps, installing your new cover will become a breeze. But before we provide you with the procedure, it's essential to understand the reasons that might lead you to change the seat covers.

Why Change Your Chair Covers?

How To Put On Chair Covers ? | Comfy Covers

Several reasons can motivate you to change your chair covers. But in general, it's a matter of style. Whether it's for the dining room or the living room, at some point, you decide to redecorate the room. As a result, you'll need to ensure that the colors complement each other to balance and contrast the shades.

Wear and tear can also be the main reason for replacing your chair covers. It's a natural phenomenon that you can't avoid. Sooner or later, your covers may tear and deteriorate. However, the level of tolerance for wear and tear varies from person to person. Some people opt for replacement sooner than others.

But changing your chair covers can also be a simple desire. However, you must know how to buy the right covers to achieve a good result. You need to take measurements to find the right size. You can seek assistance from a professional or your seller for this step.

These specialists will assist you in finding the right covers. You will also find various models at your usual stores. If you are replacing them for the first time, you can explore the internet for a wide selection.

Steps to Follow for Installing Your Chair Covers

Once you have obtained your chair covers, it's time to install them. This operation may seem challenging without instructions. With different models and fabrics, it's quite confusing. By following this guide, you'll be able to put on your covers yourself and easily.

Start with Chair Preparation

The first step is to prepare your chairs to receive their new covers. Naturally, you need to remove the old ones. Depending on the model you have, you might encounter zippers or Velcro straps. Once that's done, you can begin cleaning.

Remove larger debris with your hands. There will surely be some because the covers prevent dirt from escaping. After clearing the larger debris, you can get rid of the remaining dust on your chair. Pay close attention to the crevices, as debris often remains there.

Put on the Cover, Starting with the Backrest

This step is easy to perform; it's similar to putting on socks. Begin by opening your cover. First, place the backrest and gently slide it down to reach the seat. Proceed slowly, and you will achieve a smooth fit without forcing it.

The process is the same for covers with zippers. Once you have successfully placed it, simply close the cover, and you're done. For an armchair, the procedure is more complex, but the technique remains the same. Just make sure the cushion is properly positioned.

Adjust the Cover for a Good Visual Effect

Once you have installed your cover, adjust the fabric to avoid wrinkles. Tuck the excess fabric into the gaps between the seat and the backrest. This will give you a neat appearance and good shapes. However, ensure that the seams are straight.

Admire the Beauty of Your New Covers

Once you have put on your new covers, all that's left is to admire their beauty. You may be eager to try them out, and there's nothing stopping you from doing so. Invite your friends and loved ones to enjoy your new chair covers.

Covers are perfect for achieving a flawless and coordinated decoration. They also allow you to protect your furniture from bumps, dirt, and stains. Moreover, when you master these installation steps, you'll be able to wash your chair covers.

Additional Tips

Covers are perfect accessories to preserve your furniture from impacts and stains. However, if you use high-quality fabric, you may find it challenging to protect it from these issues. In this case, it's advisable to opt for medium-quality fabric such as velvet or others. You can also cover it with another fabric to prevent dirt.

For cleaning, always prefer cold washing. Besides being eco-friendly, it helps eliminate all traces of dirt. However, in case of blood or wine stains, it's best to treat them before washing with your washing machine. If you encounter any issues, seek professional cleaning services.

If you face difficulties when putting on the cover, you can use lubricant to facilitate sliding. You can also enlist the help of a professional decorator if you encounter challenges.

In conclusion, installing a cover requires cleaning and a little effort on your part. If you are not comfortable with the installation, you can use products to make it easier. It's also possible to seek the assistance of a professional who will provide the right solution and advise you on maintenance and other aspects.

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