How To Keep Armchair Covers In Place

November 01, 2023 4 min read

How To Keep Armchair Covers In Place

An armchair cover is a crucial piece for your furniture. It can offer numerous advantages, particularly in terms of protecting your armchair. However, several factors need consideration when selecting an armchair cover, such as the type of your furniture, size, model, and the material it's made from. Once you've assessed your needs, you can acquire a practical armchair cover that can serve you for many years.

Have you chosen your armchair cover? If so, here's an installation guide that can assist you in putting your cover on efficiently. Keep in mind that armchair covers come in various models based on your armchair type. To help you with this, we've created a guide to everything you need to know about armchair covers. Here's a comprehensive installation guide to show you the different ways to put on a cover for each model.

Why Use an Armchair Cover?

Even though your armchair serves as a decorative piece of furniture, it can easily get damaged over time, especially if you have children or pets. Therefore, it's essential to use an armchair cover to protect it effectively. However, several other reasons might motivate you to use an armchair cover.


Installing an armchair cover requires minimal effort. You can put it on in just a few seconds. This ease of use is thanks to its elastic or tie design, which ensures a secure fit on the armchair. Additionally, armchair covers are typically easy to clean, as they can usually be machine-washed.

A Second Lease of Life

Indeed, putting on an armchair cover offers a second lease of life for your armchair. It may already be in poor condition, but with a cover, it can practically be rejuvenated and regain its original splendor. Moreover, you can choose the color or pattern of your cover according to your preferences.


As you've understood, an armchair cover is a means of protecting your furniture from potential scratches by pets or stains left by your children or guests. This allows it to enjoy a long life unless you decide to change it for a different interior decor.


Beyond protection and rejuvenation, an armchair cover is also an interesting piece for interior decoration. It comes in various colors and patterns, making it an excellent way to harmonize the colors of your living room according to your tastes.

How to Put on an Armchair Cover?

Here's an installation guide for an armchair cover for each type. However, it's important to note that the ideal material for an armchair cover is a flexible one that can fit into all the nooks and crannies of the furniture.

Recliner Armchair

How To Keep Armchair Covers In Place | Comfy Covers

A recliner armchair typically has a somewhat complex shape due to its leg extension for added comfort. However, there are recliner armchair models that come in a single piece or in two pieces. When it comes to a single-piece recliner armchair, putting on the cover is always easy.

The Different Pieces that Compose a Recliner Armchair Cover

Usually, a recliner armchair cover consists of several pieces to facilitate its installation. There is one piece for the armchair's backrest, two others for the armrests, and one for the seat and leg rest. Each piece is independent. It's best to start by putting on the backrest cover, then proceed with the armrests, and finish with the seat.

The Backrest

First, locate the label on the back of the armchair cover. Ensure it's always placed at the back of the backrest to avoid exposure after installation. You can use the label as a guide for putting on the armchair cover. Next, insert the cover so that each corner is properly positioned, starting from the top of the backrest. Gradually pull it to cover the backrest entirely. To finish putting on the backrest cover, make sure to attach the auxiliary buckle to the metal parts underneath the armchair.

The Armrests

On each armchair cover, you will see labels that indicate "left arm" and "right arm." These correspond to the covers for the left and right armrests, respectively. Therefore, the label should be placed on the underside of the armrests. Begin by putting on the cover and then tuck the excess fabric into the space between the armrest and the seat of the armchair.

The Seat and Leg Rest

Typically, the cover for an armchair that covers both the seat and the leg rest is designed as a single piece. To put it on, start by inserting it on the underside of the leg rest and finish with the seat. The label should be placed underneath the leg rest. Don't forget to attach the auxiliary buckles between the seat and the leg rest on the metal part of the armchair. Then, adjust the cover by inserting the excess fabric between each corner.

Barrel Chair Covers

How To Keep Armchair Covers In Place | Comfy Covers

Putting on a Barrel Chair cover, find the label on the cover, which serves as a reference point. It should be placed on the underside at the back of the furniture and centered. Then, begin pulling gradually from the back to the front bottom. Finish by tucking the excess fabric into the space between the seat and the backrest, ensuring that the cover is smoothed out. Finally, secure the cover using a non-slip foam roller in the same location where you inserted the excess fabric.

Wingback Chair Covers


How To Keep Armchair Covers In Place | Comfy Covers

The Wingback Chair Covers is the easiest to put on due to the chair's shape. However, always use the label as a reference. Begin by placing the cover from the backrest and gradually move down to the front of the seat. Finally, insert the excess fabric between the backrest and the seat to adjust the cover.

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