How To Choose An Armchair Cover?

November 01, 2023 3 min read

How To Choose An Armchair Cover? | Comfy Covers

Serving multiple functions, an armchair cover is a piece that plays a significant role for your armchair. It's a true gem that allows you to protect your furniture so that it can last for several years. However, whether it's for a wingback chair, a club chair, a recliner, or even a tub chair, the selection criteria, including sizes, are different. Discover how to choose an armchair cover according to its model.

How to Choose an Armchair Cover for a Wingback Chair?

How To Choose An Armchair Cover? | Comfy Covers

In recent years, the wingback chair has been increasingly sought after. Its unique shape makes it an exceptional piece of decorative furniture. Moreover, it can adapt to any interior decoration. However, to choose the right cover, you need to pay attention to some criteria.


The choice of an armchair cover for a wingback chair primarily depends on its size. For this, you'll need to consider the size of your chair. When the cover has the same dimensions as the chair, it can be a perfect fit. If it's not suitable for the furniture, it can be unpleasant to look at.


There are different models of armchair covers for wingback chairs, including adjustable covers and standard covers. Adjustable covers are usually made with stretchable fabric. They also have ties or elastic bands that allow them to fit perfectly. As for standard covers, they are mainly suitable for wingback chairs of any size.


The choice of a cover also depends on how you intend to use it. If you frequently have guests, it's important to choose a cover in a neutral color or made of stain-resistant material.


Armchair covers are made from various materials. The most popular ones include velvet, cotton, linen, or polyester. Each material has its characteristics, but the most important thing is that it should match your interior decoration.

How to Choose an Armchair Cover for a barrel chair?

How To Choose An Armchair Cover? | Comfy Covers

Offering optimal protection, an barrel chair covers is an essential piece. It serves not only to prevent damage to your chair but also to give it a second life. So, how do you choose an armchair cover for a barrel chair?


Material is the most important criterion for choosing an armchair cover for a barrel chair. The most commonly used fabrics for making such covers are linen, velvet, cotton, and polyester. Choose the material that suits your chair. However, keep in mind that cotton can adapt to almost any model.


The color of an barrel chair covers has a significant influence on your choice because ideally, it should match your interior decoration. Therefore, there are various colors of club chair covers, so it's up to you to harmonize the color with your decor.

Ease of Maintenance

In general, an armchair cover is easy to maintain. However, if it gets stained, maintenance can be challenging. Therefore, it's essential to choose a cover that can resist dirt and requires minimal maintenance. Keep in mind that each material has different care instructions.


The price of an barrel chair covers mainly varies based on its material, model, and, above all, brand. While the cheapest ones cost around twenty dollars, you can find covers that go up to sixty dollars.

How to Choose an Armchair Cover for a Recliner?

How To Choose An Armchair Cover? | Comfy Covers

As the name suggests, a recliner chair allows you to enjoy total relaxation. It's one of the most commonly used pieces of furniture, making it essential to protect it to extend its lifespan. Installing an armchair cover for a recliner is necessary, but some points need to be considered when choosing one.


There are different models of armchair covers for recliners: stretchable and rigid. For rigid armchair covers for recliners, they are generally standard models, meaning they can fit almost any chair size. This is a wise choice if your chair's dimensions are suitable, i.e., not too wide.

As for the stretchable cover, it has the advantage of being able to stretch both in length and width, which is suitable for a wider chair. Sometimes, there's a super elastic model that can hold in place perfectly while allowing the chair to be functional. Moreover, even if you stretch your recliner, it will still stay in place.


An armchair cover for a standard recliner chair is generally cheaper than a stretchable cover. Indeed, even though the first model can cover all aspects of the recliner chair, the stretchable cover ensures better fit. That's why the latter can cost up to 50 dollars.

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