How Do I Know The Right Size For An Armchair Cover?

November 01, 2023 4 min read

How Do I Know The Right Size For An Armchair Cover? | Comfy Covers

Several criteria need to be considered when choosing an armchair cover, but the most important one is its size. It is essential to know the dimensions of an armchair to determine what size you will choose for your future armchair cover. However, since there are different types of armchairs, the dimensions can vary depending on the model. Nevertheless, there are some points to consider when measuring an armchair.

How to Measure an Armchair?

Choosing an armchair cover requires knowing the different dimensions of each part of the armchair. This allows for a better fit of the cover on the furniture and ensures a perfect fit. Indeed, it is always unpleasant to see an armchair covered by a cover that is too large or too small. Here are some points to consider when taking the right measurements.

Seat Height

This is the easiest part of the armchair to measure. To get the correct seat height measurement, start from the floor and measure up to the highest point of the armchair. Note that you should reach the highest point, as some armchair models have a padded center. If necessary, add an extra 1 or 2 cm to the measurement, depending on the padding.

Seat Width

This is the measurement between the armrests, specifically where you sit. So, start from one point on an armrest and reach the opposite point on the other side. The obtained dimension may vary from one armchair to another.

Seat Depth

Again, the seat depth size for each armchair varies according to the model. While some have a relatively large seat depth, others have a smaller one. To measure the seat depth, simply proceed as with the width, but start from the bottom of the seat and go to the back of the armchair.

Backrest Height

This is the part of the armchair where you rest your back. To get the backrest height dimension, measure from the seat to the top of the armchair. Note that you should always take into account the armchair's padding.

Armrest Height

The armrests of the armchair are the part that can influence the choice of a cover. To determine the measurement of the armrests, measure from the seat to their tip.

What Are the Sizes of the Different Parts of an Armchair?

As you may have understood, the dimensions of the different parts of an armchair vary depending on its model, which affects the choice of the armchair cover size.

Barrel Chair

How Do I Know The Right Size For An Armchair Cover? | Comfy Covers

This type of armchair, which appeared in the 17th century and was highly popular in French salons, is quite small. It can be easily moved and stands out from other types of armchairs due to its rounded backrest, offering optimal back comfort.

To measure a cabriolet armchair, you need to consider its height, width, seat depth, and backrest height. Generally, the height of a cabriolet armchair ranges from 70 to 90 cm / 27 - 35". As for the width, it is between 35 to 55 cm / 14 - 55", and the seat depth varies from 55 to 75 cm / 21 - 29".

Also, don't forget that the cabriolet armchair has a rounded backrest, which requires a cover that is wide enough despite the indicated dimensions. Take into account the height of the armrests as well to avoid surprises when installing the cover.


How Do I Know The Right Size For An Armchair Cover? | Comfy Covers

Usually covered in leather, the armchair is characterized by its depth. It can add a vintage style to your interior and can also fit into a modern living room. However, it is always essential to protect it with a cover to keep it in good condition for a long time.

That being said, to get the right size for the cover of your armchair, it is necessary to take measurements of the armchair's width, height, and seat depth.

Thus, the width ranges from 90 to 140 cm / 35 - 55". As for its width, it varies between 40 to 60 cm depending on the model. However, be sure to add a few extra centimeters to the height measurement, as the club armchair has padded armrests whose size varies depending on the model.

Recliner Armchair

How Do I Know The Right Size For An Armchair Cover? | Comfy Covers

As the name suggests, the recliner armchair is designed to provide you with optimal comfort. It allows you to relax at any time and has a modular character that allows you to adjust it according to your needs. Choosing a cover for a recliner armchair is somewhat challenging due to its shape. However, dimensions should always be considered first.

The measurements to be taken for a recliner armchair include height, width, depth, and the width of the leg rest. The height of a recliner armchair is generally between 101 and 127 cm / 39 - 50". The width is from 58 to 88 cm / 22 - 34", and the depth is from 76 to 100 cm / 30 - 39". However, it is also important to measure the leg rest, which is adjustable. For this, consider a width of 58 to 88 cm / 22 - 34" and a length that can be the same dimension.

Wingback Chair Covers

How Do I Know The Right Size For An Armchair Cover? | Comfy Covers

A Wingback Chair is recognizable by its rounded seat and wide backrest with a curved upper part. It is generally devoid of armrests, unlike other types of armchairs.

However, measuring a crapaud armchair can be quite tedious, as you will need to take several measurements, including:

  • Seat height with dimensions ranging from 95 to 110 cm / 37 - 43"
  • Seat width ranging from 70 to 80 cm / 27 - 31"
  • Seat depth ranging from 80 to 92 cm / 31 - 36"

However, a crapaud armchair cover is easy to install, unlike covers for other armchairs.

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