All You Need To Know About Armchair Covers

November 01, 2023 5 min read

All You Need To Know About Armchair Covers | Comfy Covers

You've just bought a new armchair, or you want to revamp your old one? It's time to get it an armchair cover. This cover helps protect your seat from dirt and cracks while also adding an aesthetic touch. If you're looking to purchase one, you'll find numerous models on the market. To assist you in your choice, you can follow this guide.

Why Buy an Armchair Cover?

An armchair cover isn't just for vintage decor. It offers several advantages. Let's explore them.

To Protect the Armchair from Pets

Above all, this accessory helps protect your armchair from your pets, such as dogs or cats. They tend to scratch and soil your seat, leaving behind unpleasant fur. By covering your armchair with a cover, it won't get dirty or damaged quickly.

To Protect the Armchair from Stains

It often happens that you eat or drink on your armchair. It's unavoidable that drops of liquid or crumbs may spill on it, which can stain or soil your seat. Cleaning it can become a chore. To prevent these stains from setting into the fabric, use a cover. It will drape over your armchair and protect it.

To Preserve an Antique Armchair

Do you have a cherished antique armchair? You'll need a cover to protect it from wear and preserve its authenticity. Stains and scratches won't mar it, and you can extend the lifespan of your seat while showcasing its form. Naturally, if you want to display its beauty to your guests, you can simply remove the cover afterward.

To Personalize the Armchair's Style

An armchair cover also serves an aesthetic purpose. What's even more appealing is that it allows you to give your seat a unique style. You can choose the pattern and color that you like. Whether it's casual, dark, colorful, or daring—it's up to you to select and personalize your decor!

To Change Decor Anytime

An armchair cover can be taken off and changed at your whim. As a result, you can switch up your decor at any time or season. A muted cover is lovely for winter, while a colorful one can liven up your living room or bedroom. It all depends on your preferences and needs.

To Give a New Look to an Old Armchair

Is your armchair old or worn? There's no need to replace it. You can rejuvenate it by covering it with a cover. This won't just hide minor imperfections; it will also add style to your seat. Plus, you can save money since you won't need to invest in a new armchair.

To Make the Armchair More Comfortable

Know that a cover can also make the armchair more comfortable. You can find models with a plush effect on the market. They are softer to the touch and won't irritate your skin. Depending on your preferences, you can also opt for covers made of linen or velvet.

For a More Hygienic Armchair

By covering your armchair with a cover, you'll have the chance to have a hygienic seat. The cover is washable, allowing you to eliminate dirt, bacteria, and microbes. Very practical, there are models that can go in the washing machine and can be hand-washed. In any case, be sure to dry them thoroughly before putting them back in place. For daily cleaning, you can use a vacuum cleaner.

For Simplified Use

The armchair cover is easy to install. You can successfully put it on in 5 minutes. Just follow the instructions, and you'll have no problem.

How to Choose an Armchair Cover?

On the market, there are numerous models of armchair covers, which can make your choice difficult. To help you see things more clearly, this guide will show you the main selection criteria for choosing an armchair cover.

The Shape of the Armchair Cover

When making your purchase, the first parameter to check is the shape of the armchair cover. You'll find 3 different shapes of covers on the market: stretchable, cotton, and stain-resistant fabric.

The stretchable model is the most practical. Made with elastane, it can adapt well to the shape of your seat. Just make sure to choose the right dimensions to avoid problems.

If you prefer a traditional look, opt for the cotton model. Ties will help you adjust it to your armchair. For easy maintenance, you can also go for the stain-resistant fabric cover. It's not afraid of liquids.

Armchair Dimensions

When making your purchase, it's also advisable to check the size of the armchair. The dimensions of the cover should correspond to the size of the piece of furniture. To take measurements, use a tape measure. Measure the distance between the two ends of the seat. If it's between 90 to 140 cm, you should choose a 1-seat cover. In any case, you can always consult an online size guide for more information.

Material of the Armchair Cover

To find the ideal armchair cover, you should also check its material. The resistance of the model depends on this. On the market, you have a choice of 5 types of fabrics: cotton canvas, twill, denim, patchwork cotton, linen-cotton blends, silk-wool blends, and outdoor fabrics.

Cotton canvas, twill, and denim are the strongest fabrics on the market. You can use them for years, and they are easy to maintain. However, they can be a bit difficult to sew due to their strength.

Patchwork cotton, on the other hand, is for those who appreciate aesthetics. This fabric comes in various colors, suiting all tastes. It's also stretchable to adapt well to the shape of your seat. However, this material isn't very durable and isn't suitable for heavily used armchairs. Additionally, it's somewhat transparent and may not conceal imperfections on your seat with a dark or patterned covering.

Linen-cotton blends are among the most popular fabrics for armchair covers. They are soft and comfortable. If you choose them, make sure they have a tight weave and strong seams.

If you want a chic and warm armchair, you can opt for silk-wool blends. Wool makes the fabric durable, while silk adds shine. Covers made from these materials are well-suited for decorative seats. However, this type of fabric is dry-clean only, so avoid getting it too dirty.

If you need to protect an outdoor armchair, it's recommended to go for outdoor fabrics. These are highly resistant to water and stains.

Finishing Details

To acquire a high-quality armchair cover, also check its finishing details. Not only do they add to the aesthetics, but they also help fit your model well. For a perfect fit, opt for inner elastics. Ties, on the other hand, are more elegant. You can also choose zippers and snaps for added discretion, which are suitable for armchairs without armrests.

How Much Does an Armchair Cover Cost?

The price of an armchair cover varies depending on its material and shape. During your search, you can get a stretchable model for 35$ to 80$. A cotton one costs between 35$ and 70$. Stain-resistant covers are priced at 40$ to 80$. You can also opt for custom-made covers starting at 100$. To find a good deal, simply compare prices.

Where to Find an Armchair Cover?

Armchair covers are available in all furniture or home linen stores. You can also place an order online in our shop. To satisfy you, some sites may offer free delivery.