What's The Purpose Of A Throw Blanket ?

November 02, 2023 4 min read

What's The Purpose Of A Throw Blanket ? | Comfy Covers

Just like a cushion or a cover, the throw blanket is also one of the decorative accessories for your furniture. It's a fabric that closely resembles a blanket, except that it's padded with batting and quilted along its edges. Often used as an extra blanket, it's meant to be draped over your sofa, folded on an armrest, or covering the entire piece of furniture. A throw blanket can serve various purposes. If you want to learn more, check out our guide to everything you need to know about throw blankets.

What Is a Throw Blanket?

What's The Purpose Of A Throw Blanket ? | Comfy Covers

Before delving into all the uses of a throw blanket in detail, let's illustrate what we're talking about. Throw, blanket, quilt, or simply an extra blanket all describe this small piece of fabric placed on your sofa. It's there to accompany a cozy TV evening or a relaxing weekend. In reality, these different fabrics have slight differences.

The primary function of a throw blanket is to cover the sofa. It has an extended size to be able to completely wrap around the sofa. However, throw blankets are less popular than regular blankets, especially among the newer generations. Nevertheless, they have many uses on the sofa, including decoration, comfort, and protection.

Adding a Decorative Touch to the Furniture

Made of fabric, synthetic material, or woven knits, the throw blanket initially plays a decorative role. It allows you to decorate the furniture and enhance its appearance according to your desires. For a relatively neutral sofa, a brightly colored model adds a touch of vibrancy to further beautify it. The current market offers a multitude of throw blankets. There's something for every taste in terms of color, material, and size. Whether plain or colorful, printed or patterned, dotted or striped, embroidered or fringed, use your imagination to find what suits your interior.

A throw blanket can also be used to give an old sofa a new look. It's even possible to place several on a single armchair to add more originality to the decor. Its design echoes the colors and aesthetics of other elements in the room, such as cushions, lamps, etc., to create an environment that reflects your style. Vary your choices by adapting your throw blanket to the seasons.

For example, a wool or faux fur model is suitable for winter. Floral patterns and bright colors bring freshness in summer. Make your sofa a place conducive to relaxation with this piece of fabric.

Protecting the Sofa from Wear and Stains

Beyond its aesthetic and decorative role, the throw blanket also serves as a cover. It acts as protection against wear and tear, stains, and other external aggressions. It's not uncommon for children to play on your sofa or for your pets to leave their marks. It acts as a protective barrier against common dirt like food, drinks, dust, and even friction with certain clothes that can damage the seats.

Caring for this extra blanket is simpler than caring for the original cover or the sofa itself. In this option, opt for large throw blankets to completely cover the furniture. This protective role is particularly interesting for a leather sofa, which can be sensitive to sunlight. Simply cover it completely when UV rays are prevalent to preserve its shine for longer. Moreover, it's versatile, regardless of the needs.

A Throw Blanket for Comfort

The sofa invites relaxation and comfort. It's even better with a throw blanket, which serves as an intermediary with the furniture for a pleasant afternoon in front of the TV, comfortable reading, or a good nap on weekends. Some coverings do not offer the pleasure of a very pleasant touch, as is the case with a leather sofa. This material can be cold in winter or stick to the skin in summer. No worries! Wrapping the furniture with a throw blanket is enough to solve the problem and optimize comfort.

A Versatile Ally on the Sofa in All Seasons

This practical and timeless accessory is ideal for staying warm at any time. It's an important complement to the sofa throughout the seasons, provided you choose the right design, color, material, and adapt it to temperature variations. In this regard, throw blankets made of thick fabrics like flannel and faux fur are more suitable for winter. Opt for lighter fabrics in summer. The softness and freshness of linen are more comfortable for the skin. The breathable, dry, and hypoallergenic nature is highly appreciated on a leather covering.

Cost-Effective Sofa Makeover

If you want to change the look or give a new life to your sofa without breaking the bank, adopt a good throw blanket. The existence of many variations on the market allows you to vary your pleasures according to your desires. The throw blanket also serves to modernize an old sofa or a model with a fairly basic covering like fabric. Due to its characteristics, it will enhance your furniture or hide its flaws.

With time and daily use, the sofa may look worn and require a makeover to create a new living room. Covering it with a throw blanket allows you to give the furniture a second life without spending too much. Some models can be easily placed on the sofa and secured with Velcro, ties, or snaps. Don't hesitate to order a custom-made model if the size of your sofa is not standard.

Finally, the throw blanket is used to create harmony in the room. During its selection, it's best to coordinate it with a decorative element. The fabric brings a sense of matching to make your interior more cohesive. Your living room will immediately become a beautiful and more intimate corner, ideal for love, relaxation, and unwinding.


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