Everything You Need To Know About Throws Blanket

November 02, 2023 4 min read

Everything You Need To Know About Throws Blanket | Comfy Covers

The sofa is one of the important elements in living room decor. It invites relaxation while enhancing the room. This piece of furniture also adds comfort, convenience, and style. To optimize your moments of rest and your interior decoration, the use of a throw blanket for your sofa is currently trending. You can simply wrap yourself in this beautiful cover when the temperature starts to drop for a cozy evening of TV. This home linen also serves to protect and add an aesthetic touch to your furniture. To get a clearer picture, this guide provides more information about this practical and decorative accessory.

What Is the Purpose of a Throw Blanket?

Everything You Need To Know About Throws Blanket | Comfy Covers

The throw blanket is also one of the most popular home linens these days. The two have many similarities, but the throw blanket can be padded or made with fringe on all its edges.

Protecting the Sofa

Its main function is to drape over the furniture to protect it. In this option, it's necessary to choose a more extensive model. Besides its comfort, this decorative object also keeps you warm and protects the sofa, especially when you're tired of having to clean dust frequently, especially on leather upholstery, which is sensitive to sunlight.

Like a sofa cover, the throw blanket provides protection against accidental food or water damage caused by children, stains from pets, and especially wear and tear. It's a great way to extend the life of your furniture and keep it looking good for longer. The only condition is that the model should be able to fully cover the seat. Plus, it's easier to maintain than a sofa cover.

Decorating the Furniture and the Room

For decorative art enthusiasts, the throw blanket allows you to add a touch of design to your home. It helps improve the appearance of the furniture according to your preferences. If your sofa lacks charm, go for a brightly colored fabric. Patterned models, polka dots, stripes, embroidery, or fringes will also do the trick. It will further enhance its appearance.

In this regard, throw blankets are available in various materials, styles, and sizes. Just choose the ones that suit you and harmonize with your interior. Opt for a more refined fabric to rejuvenate or modernize an old sofa that you don't want to get rid of.

A Good Extra Cover

A throw blanket is a powerful ally in providing comfort in all seasons. Since this piece of furniture is synonymous with relaxation, a piece of fabric allows you to spend a pleasant cool afternoon watching TV, comfortably reading a book, or simply taking a good nap. In fact, contact with certain types of upholstery does not offer the comfort you might think. For example, leather is very cold in winter and sticks to the skin in heat. Simply cover the sofa with a throw blanket to avoid all these discomforts.

How to Choose a Throw Blanket for Your Sofa?

Everything You Need To Know About Throws Blanket | Comfy Covers

To make the most of the throw blanket, you need to make the right choice by considering certain criteria such as utility, color, material, style, patterns, and more. A larger model made of thicker fabric and in a darker shade is recommended for protection against stains. Adapt its design to the decorative style of your living room.

Like throws, throw blankets are made from different types of fabric such as wool, cotton, faux fur, cashmere, polyester, fleece, alpaca, etc. Luxurious textiles like silk, cashmere, and mohair are perfect for creating a chic and cozy look. Opt for floral patterns if you want to create a more bucolic atmosphere in your interior. Fleece is preferably dedicated to those who want to stay warm.

Despite the presence of a wide variety of models on the market, making your own throw blanket is a more cost-effective solution. You just need to choose the fabric and determine the size. With a few tips, you can certainly do it. Then, learn how to place the throw blanket on your sofa to add style to your interior. Whether by completely covering the sofa or neatly folding the fabric on the armrest or in a corner, it's up to you to find what enchants you.

What Is the Difference Between a Throw Blanket and a Sofa Blanket?

Everything You Need To Know About Throws Blanket | Comfy Covers

A plaid and a throw blanket differ in several ways. Both of these home linens are practical, aesthetic, and comfortable accessories. The first is more often sought after for its decorative functions. Its dimensions are smaller, and it generally cannot completely cover a sofa. On the other hand, throw blankets are larger and made of thicker fabric. They are primarily aimed at protecting the entire piece of furniture while beautifying your interior.

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