How To Maintain A Throw Blanket On A Leather Couch ?

November 02, 2023 4 min read

How To Maintain A Throw Blanket On A Leather Couch ? | Comfy Covers

Sofas are essential accessories for dressing up a home. Having a leather model offers many advantages. Firstly, it's elegant, stylish, and comfortable furniture, not to mention its ease of maintenance. It goes well with all styles. However, with children running around with their food and drinks or the claws of pets, you need to think about protecting your precious sofa. Additionally, leather sofas can feel chilly during the winter and sticky during the summer heat. Just like a cover, the throw blanket excels in this area. However, leather or faux leather sofas tend to be slippery. You need to find solutions to keep this cover in place so that it doesn't slide. If you want to learn more, visit our guide on throw blankets.

Why Use a Throw Blanket on a Leather Sofa?

Leather furniture is known for its strength, durability, and longevity. It perfectly withstands the test of time. However, it may lack cozy comfort. Therefore, it's a good idea to add extra comfort accessories such as cushions and a throw blanket. Made from soft fabric, a throw blanket can serve various purposes. It adds a cozy and chic touch to the decor. Whether made of cotton or wool, it serves as an easily accessible extra blanket to provide warmth during a TV afternoon or a quick nap. But that's not all; a throw blanket has more extensive functions on a leather sofa.

Using this type of covering can be somewhat uncomfortable at times or in certain climates. When it's hot in the summer, direct contact between leather and thighs isn't always pleasant. Skin can stick or even burn. Winter doesn't offer the comfort and warmth you might expect from your leather sofa.

It's advisable to drape a wool or faux fur throw blanket to keep warm. These extra covers also allow you to vary the interior decoration styles, provided you choose the right model. Their covering function is highly appreciated when children approach your lovely sofa with their fruit juice or chocolate-covered fingers. However, to achieve all this, you need to find the right way to keep a throw blanket on a leather sofa.

What Anti-Slip Solutions to Adopt for a Leather Sofa?

Now, you want to use a throw blanket to enhance or protect your leather sofa from daily use? Unlike fabric coverings, placing this fabric on leather can be challenging, unless you adopt one of these techniques and tips.

The Corner Throw Blanket Method

This is the simplest technique to keep the throw blanket on a leather sofa. It involves folding the fabric into a triangle and letting the heaviest side fall behind the sofa, with the rest along the seat. Instead of folding, you can also roll a broomstick, sticks, or a long cylindrical bar into the throw blanket. Don't hesitate to place some cushions in the crease of your sofa seat.

Non-Slip Foam Rollers

You can use fabric rollers that serve as door stoppers for preventing drafts or those used for swimming lessons in pools. Simply slide them between the throw blanket and the fold of the seat to prevent the fabric from slipping and sagging onto the cushions. However, this alternative may create unsightly wrinkles on the backrest. To avoid such a drawback, choose a thicker material like fleece or patchwork.

Anti-Slip Netting

This is a netting with a fine and lightweight texture, designed specifically for rugs but also effective for securing a plush or woolen throw blanket.

Velcro Strips

Another easier, quicker, and effective solution is to sew Velcro strips or hook-and-loop fasteners onto the edges of the throw blanket to prevent it from moving or sliding on a leather sofa. The adhesive side can stick to the leather. However, make sure to choose strips suitable for the upholstery to avoid damaging it. This alternative is not suitable for wool or knitted throw blankets.

Elastic Bands

If you're using the covering function of the throw blanket, sew elastic bands on its top sides to stabilize it on the backrest. It's easy to install, invisible, and effective.

Securing the Throw Blanket with Clips

This technique involves hanging your throw blanket with clips. In this option, you need to attach a thick elastic band to the clips and fasten them to one end of the fabric. Then, drape it over the sofa seat, pass the cord around the cushions, and tighten it securely at the other end to keep the throw blanket in place.

Using Fastening Buttons

This solution is more suitable for throw blankets knitted with large stitches, made of wool, or irregular materials, but it's not recommended for velvet, fleece, or faux fur models. It involves using buttons to keep the covering fabric in place. Thanks to this technique, you can easily remove your throw blanket as desired.

Non-Slip Throw Blanket

If none of these solutions suit you, consider simply buying a throw blanket made with non-slip material. This type of fabric is adorned with small nubs or granules that adhere to the leather, continuously stabilizing it in a very discreet way.

Precautions to Avoid Damaging the Sofa and Fabric

You should pay attention to some solutions that may work well for keeping a throw blanket on other types of upholstery but could potentially damage a leather sofa. This includes using twist pins or screw pins. Some people sew ties onto the throw blanket and tie them behind the leather sofa's backrest. While this method doesn't damage the upholstery, it may not prevent the throw blanket from slipping. It's more effective when attaching the ties to the sofa's feet. However, this solution may not be aesthetically pleasing.

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