How To Choose A Throw For Couch And Sectional Couch ?

November 02, 2023 4 min read

How To Choose A Throw For Couch And Sectional Couch ?

The sofa or sectional sofa is one of the focal points when it comes to home decor. Not only does this piece of furniture enhance your interior, but it also invites relaxation. It adds comfort and style to your living room. Even better, if you dress it up with cushions, covers, or a throw blanket. This is a plain or patterned fabric with various textures to further enhance the look and make the living room more welcoming. Faced with a variety of choices, some criteria should be taken into account. Here are some tips and tricks to help you choose the right throw blanket for your sofa or sectional sofa. If you're interested, visit our guide to everything you need to know about throw blankets.

Why Use a Throw Blanket?

How To Choose A Throw For Couch And Sectional Couch ? | Comfy Covers

Have you often heard the term "throw blanket"? The concept is quite similar. In fact, a throw blanket closely resembles a plaid. It's a plain or printed household linen, lined with quilted fabric. Its edges are hand-stitched or needled to achieve better padding.

Placed on the furniture, this fabric allows you to change its appearance and add a bit of warmth and color. It's an essential decorative accessory for the comfort of its user. You can even cover the entire piece or just a part of the furniture depending on its size. Therefore, it's crucial to choose your throw blanket wisely.

First, consider the purpose you intend to use it for. To choose a model that complements your decor, some important criteria deserve to be checked: color, patterns, size, or material. The design of the throw should match the style of your interior. If the goal is to prevent stains, prioritize a thick fabric in a darker color.

Choosing the Right Size of Throw for a Sofa

Sofas, whether they are classic or sectional models, are a key element of the living room. They invite you to relax after a hard day at work, but also to read a book or watch television. More comfortable and versatile, sectional sofas offer the possibility to adapt to all types of spaces with their flexible seating options. Therefore, it's wiser to choose the right size of throw, as there is one for every need.

The smaller models measure 70 cm x 100 cm / 27 - 39". They are very practical as an additional blanket for a child when lounging on the sofa, or simply to dress up the sofa. These fabrics are also suitable for covering your knees. Measuring between 110 cm x 150 cm / 43 - 59" and 130 cm x 180 cm / 51 - 70", medium-sized throws provide real comfort on your armchair. They are also perfect as decoration.

The larger sizes of 180 cm x 220 cm / 70 - 86" are mainly dedicated to protecting the two or three-seater sofa from stains, pet scratches, or wear and tear. Choose these models if you want to give your old sofa a new lease of life, add a cozy decor touch, or simply enhance it. A throw blanket of 220 cm x 240 / 86 - 94" cm or 240 cm x 260 cm / 94 - 102" is perfect for covering a sectional sofa.

Choosing the Design of Your Sofa Throw

How To Choose A Throw For Couch And Sectional Couch ? | Comfy Covers

A sofa and a sectional sofa are true stars of the living room. To make the most of them, it's best to embellish them with a throw, a timeless decorative accessory. Due to its practicality and originality, it comes in many variations in terms of colors and patterns: plain, printed, striped, floral, or polka-dotted, you can choose what suits your style and your living room decor.

Brighter shades bring more vibrancy to a rather neutral setting. Floral patterns blend in with a countryside or spring ambiance. Opt for a very light shade, like pale pink for softness, mint green for freshness, or yellow for a cheerful atmosphere. Turquoise blue is more suited to a nautical ambiance. The current trend revolves around terracotta.

What Material to Choose for Your Sofa and Sectional Sofa Throw?

Sofa and sectional sofa throws can be made from various materials: wool, cotton, polyester, faux fur, cashmere, polar fleece, mohair, alpaca, and more. They serve both as decoration and protection for your furniture. They can easily transform into an extra blanket in winter. You can invest in the material that matches the season or your interior decor.

Models made of fringe wool or faux fur provide cozy comfort in winter. Opt for trendy-colored velvet or virgin wool if you want to adopt a modern style. Chunky knit wool adorned with big pompoms goes well with a Scandinavian style. The chic and cozy look is achieved with a plain model made of luxurious materials like cashmere, mohair, or washed silk.

Cotton or linen throws are true decorative accessories for the summer season. The same goes for models with tropical motifs.

How to Properly Position a Sofa or Sectional Sofa Throw?

A sofa throw is a decorative item that adds style and warmth to your interior. You can either completely cover the piece for a trendy total look or accompany it with cushions. This option allows you to change the appearance of the armchair, give it a new lease of life, or hide certain imperfections. You can also neatly fold this fabric on the armrest or in a corner. If you prefer a relaxed style, let it casually drape to partially cover a part of the sofa.

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