What Fabric To Choose For A Throw Blanket ?

November 02, 2023 4 min read

What Fabric To Choose For A Throw Blanket ? | Comfy Covers

In addition to covers, throws and throw blankets are highly appreciated home textiles for dressing up the living room these days. They offer numerous possibilities to play with styles, enhance, and protect the furniture. Easy to replace, throw blankets are suitable for all preferences. Several variations are available on the market, depending on color, size, and especially the material. You can change the color according to your moods, the season, or other decorative elements. So, what about the material it's made of? Here are some tips and advice to help you find the fabric for your throw blanket. If you want more information, click on this link.

How to Make the Right Choice of Fabric for a Throw Blanket?

Before finding the ideal fabric for your throw blanket, it's wiser to first understand the roles of this home textile. It's a piece of fabric designed to be placed on a sofa for the purposes of comfort, decoration, and protection. The choice of textile depends mainly on its use.

To improve the appearance of the furniture, add a decorative touch, or create style, you must consider the color, material, and design. Choose the configuration that perfectly matches the sofa's upholstery and the decoration of your interior. Linen, for example, is more recommended to accompany cotton or linen. As for the shape, you can find rectangular or square throw blanket models. The latter are more dedicated to armchairs.

What Material to Choose for a Throw Blanket?

Which Fabric to Choose for a Throw Blanket? | Modern Cover

Whether to perfect the living room decor, warm up chilly evenings, or simply protect the furniture, throw blankets are available in a wide range of materials. There is something for all needs and types of interiors. This piece of fabric can be solid, printed, patterned, fringed, embroidered, made of flannel, jacquard fabric, and more.

For Comfort

A throw blanket is an essential accessory during a winter TV evening. All you need to do is snuggle up inside it to enjoy real cozy moments after a hard day at work or savor your big cup of hot chocolate in front of your favorite TV series.

It's also a significant ally for reading a book or a magazine on the sofa when the winter chill starts to set in. In this case, faux fur is recommended. It adds a chic, elegant, and cozy spirit to your interior. Plus, this material is very soft and pleasant to the touch. It signifies comfort.

A Great Companion for the Sofa in All Seasons

The throw blanket is an ideal companion, no matter the season. It adapts well to needs and temperature variations. Lighter fabrics work well in summer, providing coziness to the skin without weighing you down. For this purpose, washed linen, which is softer, fresher, and healthier, is preferable. Thicker materials like faux fur or flannel are perfect for winter.

For the Soft Feel

Which Fabric to Choose for a Throw Blanket? | Modern Cover

The throw blanket is highly appreciated for its pleasant softness against the skin. Opt for warm, fluffy, and cozy fabrics during winter, such as flannel and fleece. Velvet blankets are also extra soft, offering continuous warmth on cold nights. Besides their decorative role, throw blankets are also used for certain sofa coverings that don't provide enough daily comfort. They make contact with leather sofas more enjoyable, which can get hot in summer or stick to the skin. In this regard, opt for dry, breathable, and hypoallergenic materials like linen and cotton. They are suitable for sensitive or allergic individuals.

To Protect the Sofa

If you have delicate sofa coverings, such as fragile materials, white fabric, or white leather, use a throw blanket to wrap and protect your beautiful sofa. Stains, bumps, and external aggressions are never far away, especially when you have young children or pets at home. Simply remove the fabrics once they are soiled, clean them, and put them back in place. For this purpose, choose durable and easy-to-maintain materials. It is wiser to choose a versatile fabric, suitable for all needs and seasons. Always remember that the throw blanket wraps, decorates, and protects.

Choosing the Fabric According to Your Needs

Which Fabric to Choose for a Throw Blanket? | Modern Cover

The choice of material for the throw blanket necessarily depends on its intended use, even though this home textile is usually intended to be used as both a decorative element and a protective element. If your goal is more practical, it is preferable to choose a thicker fabric. This plays a perfect role in preventing dirt, stains, or pet hair.

Due to its aesthetic advantage, it is also possible to change the look of your throw blanket according to the seasons. Light and bright shades, such as pastel solid washed linen models, bring freshness in summer. The same goes for mohair or cashmere. Opt for materials that are neither too warm nor too thick.

Switch to floral cotton during spring. Cold winters call for thicker fabrics like wool or velvet to optimize your well-being. Soft and lightweight, moiré or cashmere patterned fabrics provide a modern and precious effect. Some models are reversible.

As for synthetic materials, faux fur brings back the winter vibes of a mountain chalet. Natural enthusiasts favor cotton or velvet, wool, and mohair, which are highly trendy. Velvet, in particular, is a perfect material for creating a modern Scandinavian look in your living room. With great breathability, wool is more suitable for rustic and authentic atmospheres.

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