What's The Right Size For A Throw Blanket ?

November 02, 2023 4 min read

What's The Right Size For A Throw Blanket ? | Comfy Covers

There's nothing more enjoyable than indulging in the warmth and comfort of a throw blanket for your sofa when the weather starts to cool down. This home linen also serves to give your old couch a makeover, add a splash of color to your living room, and protect your furniture from wear and potential stains. It suits all materials, styles, and comes in various sizes to cater to your needs. Don't hesitate to click on this link if you want to know more about throw blankets.

What is a Throw Blanket?

What's The Right Size For A Throw Blanket ? | Comfy Covers

Many households these days use various types of mini-blankets: throws, snuggies, and throw blankets. A throw blanket is a piece of home linen designed to be casually draped over your sofa in the living room. Its primary purpose is to cover the furniture, but it also enhances and protects it. Thicker than a throw, this piece consists of two layers of fabric quilted with padding. It's a small piece of fabric that's perfect for cozying up during a chilly TV afternoon or a family movie night on a rainy day. Its generous size allows it to drape over a 2 or 3-seater couch and cascade down to the floor on the sides.

What Is the Purpose of This Piece of Fabric?

Before determining the ideal size for your throw blanket, it's best to understand its purposes first. Firstly, this piece of fabric is meant to decorate and add more aesthetics to your living room. Placed in different spots on your furniture, it serves as an exceptional decorative accessory to introduce a pop of color or a touch of freshness to a dull ambiance.

There are various options available in terms of sizes, colors, patterns, textures, and some models even feature whimsical elements like pom-poms or fringes. There's something to suit all needs and expectations. Just like other decorative objects, you can use a throw blanket to create a space that reflects your style.

This piece of fabric also serves to protect your furniture from various external aggressors: food or drink spills, dust, sunlight, pet fur, blood, clothing friction, and more. This option becomes highly valuable when there are children or pets in the house. It's easier to clean than the actual sofa. Its ample coverage allows an old couch or sofa to regain a new lease of life. It's an excellent way to conceal damaged areas.

The comfort and softness of a throw blanket are also essential, especially if you have a leather covering. Used as an intermediary, this piece of fabric offers a pleasant touch for spending a comfortable afternoon in front of the TV. Speaking of leather sofas, a large throw blanket helps protect them from the natural enemy, sunlight.

Various Sizes of Throw Blankets

If you want to buy a throw blanket, you now know its purposes, but the appropriate size is a concern. In reality, there's a wide range of dimensions available to suit your needs. However, sometimes sellers or manufacturers don't specify the size that's suitable for your furniture. This makes sense because sofas come in various highly diversified models: small, large, corner sofas, with or without armrests, and so on.

Small Throw Blankets

What's The Right Size For A Throw Blanket ? | Comfy Covers

The smallest throw blankets measure 120 cm x 150 cm / 47 - 59", 130 cm x 150 cm / 51- 59", 130 cm x 160 cm / 51 - 63", 130 cm x 170 cm / 47 - 67". These dimensions may not completely cover sofas. It's better to use them as a baby blanket, an extra cover while watching TV, or as a decorative item. You can have fun mixing materials and designs to match your living room's style. Just unfold the piece of fabric and drape it over the armrest, on top, or in a corner of the furniture. This fabric also serves to cover your knees if you get chilly.

Medium-Sized Throw Blankets

What's The Right Size For A Throw Blanket ? | Comfy Covers

Medium-sized options can be 180 cm x 220 cm / 70 - 86", 180 cm x 240 cm / 70 - 94", 170 cm x 250 cm / 67 - 98", and 180 cm x 250 cm. They can serve as a sufficiently large extra cover, suitable for one or two people. These types of throw blankets are also useful for covering smaller furniture pieces, especially armchairs, for decorative or protective purposes.

Large Throw Blankets

What's The Right Size For A Throw Blanket ? | Comfy Covers

Large throw blankets measure 220 cm x 240 cm / 86 - 94", 240 cm x 260 cm / 94 - 102", 250 cm x 250 cm / 98 - 98", 250 cm x 330 cm / 98 - 130". They are perfect for draping over the largest sofas, 2 or 3-seaters. The larger the fabric, the more comfortably it accommodates the dimensions of your furniture. A larger model also has the advantage of being very soft to the touch. It accompanies your naps or cozy nights on the sofa. Many people even use it in bedrooms as a bedspread or additional cover.

How to Calculate the Ideal Size for a Throw?

To be more certain about finding the ideal size for your throw blanket, it's a good idea to measure your sofa directly. Take into account parameters such as the height of the sofa, the height of its backrest, the height and depth of its seat. You can determine the length or width of the fabric that suits you by adding up these measurements.

The other dimension can be obtained by adding the seat height, twice the height of the sofa from the floor to the armrest, and twice the inner height of the armrest. The final decision is up to you. Use your imagination to find the model that perfectly matches your preferences, especially if you want to showcase the legs of your furniture or have lengths that extend onto the rug.

In short, throw blankets are practical and decorative covers that can give your furniture and room a specific touch while keeping you warm on cold nights. The key is to choose a size proportionate to your sofa.

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